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Top 7 Outdoor Subscription Boxes You Really Need to Try

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Selecting the right items for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or hunting can be challenging. An outdoor subscription box can be essential for helping you to deal with the selection challenges. They help you select essential outdoor items you need for your outdoor events.  

The boxes are shipped to your address monthly or quarterly based on your preference, and they contain items tailored to your specific needs. There are many outdoor subscription boxes to select from. Here are a few and the benefits they provide. 


If you need boxes with various themes based on different seasons, you can try this box. This box is considered one of the best subscription boxes for outdoors in 2022. They come with various premium products 

The subscription boxes are available in four different versions: basic, advanced, pro, and pro plus. There is a basic package available for $29.99 monthly, and with the subscription, you get various tools such as manuals, survival tools, emergency, and outdoor gear. 

The advanced package is available for $59.99 and comes with quality hiking, camping, and bushcraft equipment. The pro package goes for $109.99 monthly and contains essentials in the basic and advanced packages. You also get pro items such as tents, watches, sleeping bags, and backpacks, collectively referred to as pro items. The Pro Plus package is available for $159.99 and consists of basic, advanced, pro, and pro plus items.  

These premium products in the boxes also vary depending on the seasons. The boxes are also customized to meet your specific interest with products from top brands such as Gerber CRKT, TOPS, Spyderco, and Bastion. Moreover, the boxes contain unique products selected based on the theme you select. 

Crate Club 

The box provides four subscription options, with the standard plan being its most affordable option. It goes for $34.99 monthly, $26.99 semi-annually, and a $23.99 monthly annual subscription. This package contains items selected by army veterans who served in the seal team, and the items will meet all your survival needs.  

For those in need of additional gear, the pro plan is suitable to cover all your needs. It goes for a $59.99 monthly subscription, $53.99 semiannual plan, and $47.91 monthly annual subscription. The boxes come with medical gears, tactical items, and defense gears. These boxes contain items that complement the previous boxes to facilitate hardcore outdoor training and survival needs. The items in the box are suitable for hardcore camping and survival events. Veterans and survival experts can select these items essential for different survival needs.  

Timber Edge outdoors 

These boxes start for $40 monthly, and you can select whether you want to receive your boxes annually or after three months. You also can send the box as a gift to someone. The boxes contain hunting, survival gear, clothes, and other edible treats when camping.  

The items in the box are centered around the season. Before getting your box, you have to fill in details about clothing and glove size so that they can send you the right and fitting items. The box contains 4 to 6 items from quality outdoor camping brands.  

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Runner Box 

The Runner Box provides nutrition essentials and sports essentials for outdoor camping activities. The box comes with 10 to 12 outdoor items from its partners such as Clif, Bracoo, Nuun, etc. The items are unique to improve customer experience. Those who love cycling can try the Rider box, which contains essentials such as chews and hydration.  

The boxes are customized according to your needs and are shipped to your address every two months. You require a $25 annual membership subscription or a monthly subscription of $29. There is also a semiannual membership subscription for $81. 


The camp life 

Just like the name, the subscription box provides you with the necessary items you need for your camping. There are various themes such as I’d Rather Be Camping, Camp Kitchen, and RV essentials. The themes can help you select which box to select; each comes with various products depending on the nature of your camping.  

For a price ranging between $41 to $45, you can get six to eight products essential for your camping. They also provide a camping checklist which you can easily download. These costs cover the free shipping costs. 

Little Hiker 

Sometimes you need to bring your children for the outdoor events; hence you need to plan for their needs, such as snacks. These boxes contain kids’ camping essentials, including snacks. The boxes also contain an item for the adults. For a subscription cost of $20 per month, you get accessories worth over $30 in the box.  

Paying this subscription also enables your child to get a Hike IT Baby membership provided by an NGO committed to helping people find hiking; items, areas, and blogs.  

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These boxes offer multiple subscription packages, including a $27 annual subscription with a $30 monthly renewal. You can also get the obsidian collection a quarterly subscription worth $250 that contains season-themed products worth over $50. These subscriptions also offer free shipping for all destinations in the United States. 

The monthly contents are customized to meet your need based on the season, and you can earn reward points whenever you review the products on their website. 


The subscription and discounts offered for these boxes vary depending on the brand. Most brands offer different subscription plans to enable you to get any outdoor items you may need regardless of your financial status. Ensure the company understands your taste and preferences to help them customize a box for you. You also need to understand your most preferred outdoor activities when selecting the brand since the brands customize the items based on season, themes and user needs.  



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