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Tips on how to clean kitchen sink drainage:

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Can’t figure out what clogs your kitchen sink drainage time and again? Are you still super perplexed about how to clean kitchen sink drainage? Drain cleaning can turn out to be one of the most intense tasks in your schedule of house cleaning. Kitchen sink drainages usually get clogged because of food particles and of course soap residue which makes it almost impossible for the water to flow out freely. Now, in such trying times, if you reach out to your plumber mostly then we have something right here only for you.

First of all, let’s address some of the burning questions in this domain.

Why do we need to clean our kitchen sink drainage?

We must do some basic drainage cleaning in our kitchen sinks to keep away from bad odors and also to avoid clogging. If the kitchen sink drainage is blocked then the only way to remove the clog is by cleaning it.

How to clean kitchen sink drainage?

There are many ways to clean a kitchen sink drainage. You can pick any method to follow depending on how bad the blockage is. Below this section of questions and answers, we will talk about this in detail and explain different methods that you can follow to get clearer drainage in your kitchen.

How to take gunk out of a sink drain?

Again, driving out gunk from your sink drain can get a bit tricky but you can solve this in a minute with a gallon of hot water, we will also talk about this process in detail in the latter part of this article.

Does vinegar damage drain pipes?

No, vinegar doesn’t damage your pipes if they’re used in little amounts. It helps in cleaning and easing out the clogs.

What kind of vinegar helps in drainage cleaning?

Usually, white vinegar is used with baking soda to get the best results in these cases. But you can also use apple cider vinegar in your kitchen sink drainage if you don’t have another option.

Can Coke unclog a drain?

This is one of many lesser-known hacks that can save your life – empty an entire coke bottle in your kitchen sink and get rid of the most difficult blockages ever. It causes no side effects and is also very cost-effective.

Let’s go through a bunch of tips that will help you to clean your kitchen sink drainage. We hope that these will help you to a greater extent.

Boiling water to the rescue:

As we promised you that the answer to the question ‘how to clean kitchen sink drainage?’ is no rocket science. If your kitchen sink has only food debris, soap residue and hair stand stuck in it thenthis is the easiest technique that you can use- a gallon of piping hot water. Pour it into your sink and turn on the faucet to initiate the drainage cleaning process. Try and figure if the water flows out freely or not, if it doesn’t then repeat the process. If the water doesn’t flow out normally even after the second attempt, then maybe this is not the treatment for such a serious blockage. We have to hop on to the next method.

A quick reminder to those who have PVC pipes attached to their kitchen sinks, this hack is not for you because the hot water can melt down your pipes.

Clear out the kitchen drainage with the magical duo of baking soda & white vinegar:

If your kitchen sink drain is clogged, then you better clear it out first. Use a mixture of two portions of white vinegar and one baking soda to create the magic. Pour the baking soda first and slowly follow it with white vinegar. Let it sit and then pour some hot water on top of it to finish your drainage cleaning drill.

Pour some lemon, salt & ice to clear out the garbage disposal:

If you get done with the kitchen sink drain cleaning and you remain dissatisfied with the flow of water, then you take a look at your garbage disposal. It could be the real culprit behind all your troubles. Throw in some lemon wedges, coarse salt, and some ice cubes, and run some cold water. Also, turn on the system so that it gets an intense cleaning inside and the blockage is entirely cleared out.

The lemon deodorizes and salt, ice help in cleaning up the grime. This can help you in getting an absolute rejuvenation for your kitchen sink drainage system.

Now that all of you have a clearer picture of how to clean your kitchen sink drainage and why to do so, you must also know that none of this can be achieved without some patience. Sometimes your blockage might not just get cleared out in the first go but it will eventually with either of the techniques that we have discussed above with the most readily available and affordable products.



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