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The Trello Pricing vs Asana Pricing Comparison: Which One is the Better Option?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Project teams have to accomplish the important task of specifying goals, planning for them, and making sure they are met. They need various resources to accomplish this feat and one of them is a reliable software. This platform has all the necessary features to help create, monitor, and maintain all tasks, documents, and processes. There are several options for project management solutions and it is up to the business to choose the most appropriate one. The Trello pricing vs Asana pricing comparison is supposed to help them choose between both products.

Trello Software

This software has all the important features that every organization needs in order to make plans and follow them through. It has several options for tracking tasks, employees, and resources. Trello can fit in organizations of any size and help them complete the project. It can generate key insights into all workflows and provide updates for all tasks and resources.

Planning and Scheduling

Trello software has several essential features that help fulfill the project management requirements. It includes calendars, to-do lists, and timelines through which the project manager can divide each phase into tasks or subtasks. They can also assign tasks to specific team members and set deadlines according to the estimated timeline.

Task Management

When looking into the specific features included in Trello pricing vs Asana pricing, it is important to discuss how useful they are for assigning roles and delegating responsibilities. The manager can view the schedule for all employees and assign them to a task based on their existing workload. They can also follow the progress on each action item and determine whether or not more resources are required to complete it on time.

Project Templates

Teams do not have to start from scratch with Trello because it includes several project templates. These are designed to help streamline processes and help launch new projects. The users can also customize the fields on each form according to their specific requirements. The software saves all these changes for later use which is especially useful to those businesses that often receive the same type of work.


The roadmap is a comprehensive timeline of the project that includes all milestones, events, deliverables, and due dates. It follow the project from the beginning to end and helps managers visualize the next step. Trello allows managers to create a roadmap during the planning phase and accommodate all the long term goals in it. The can also assign priority labels to specific tasks and make sure the task dependencies do not delay the outcome.


Successful project management requires multiple team members to communicate and discuss the path to follow for each task. One difference between Trello pricing vs Asana pricing is that the former has several communication channels for the users. They can request feedback, fast-track approvals, and answer questions on the same platform. This ensures that all team members are on the same page when it comes to important deliverables.

Asana Software

Projects require collaboration on all fronts and Asana helps break down the silos that exist between the departments in an organization. It is an all-in-one platform that provides all team members with access to the project documents and helps them plan their activities according to the goals. It can integrate with several communication and cloud storage applications to help increase productivity. All relevant communication can be accessed from the same window which reduces the number of clicks it requires a user to complete a simple task.

Kanban Boards

Asana software uses Kanban boards for task management so the team members can visualize their tasks for the day. They will be able to follow the progress on other related action items too through the communal project board. The drag-and-drop option makes it very easy for managers to change the status on each card. These boards can be easily edited and customized helping teams become more Agile.

Software Integration

One difference between Trello pricing vs Asana pricing is that the latter can integrate with several collaboration tools to make it even more convenient to use. Teams can request the API from the developer and connect the software with their legacy systems as well. This way it is easier to import and export data directly to the platform and streamline the defined processes.


Asana has a group messaging option through which the users can engage in detailed discussions or provide real-time updates to their teams. They can also add comments to any of the cards on the Kanban board which helps answer questions and share opinions on important deliverables. This virtual workspace is especially valuable to those employees that work from home or are part of a remote team.

File Management

There is a centralized repository on the Asana platform which has all the files, data, attachments, and other details relevant to the project. These files are organized into neat folders which make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. There is also a comprehensive search function through which the team members can find a particular file. Managers can define user account types to limit or provide access to confidential information.

Project Calendar

It is easier to plan tasks and view the availability of each resource through the consolidated project calendar. It outlines the important events in the project timeline and also highlights the due dates for key deliverables. With more visibility into the schedule, the users are able to meet every deadline and make sure they are making progress according to the estimated completion dates.

How to Choose the Right Project Management Software

Project management is critical to the success of any professional service provider. It is important to invest in the right tool that can fit in the existing architecture and improve the company’s output. The Trello pricing vs Asana pricing comparison concludes with a roundup of the best features of each platform. Both have their limitations which is why we recommend scheduling a demonstration or talking to an expert before making a purchase.


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