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Best Places to Work in Durham, NC

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Durham, home to thousands of families and young people has many amenities and opportunities that make the city attractive, including job opportunities. Are you hoping to land your next big interview? The truth is there are many places to work in Durham, NC  but do you know which one is the best for you? We have taken the time to compile a list of some of the best places to work in Durham, NC. Read on for more information.


Duke Clinical Research Institute is one of the topmost companies in research, education, and healthcare. The company is dedicated to clinical research, development, and sharing knowledge that could help improve patient care. The company has job offers for different individuals, especially statisticians, scientists, and physicians.

The company works through the collaboration of the experienced and newbie staff in designing and implementing clinical trials. As an employee of DCRI, the company offers different cultural and family-oriented benefits. This culture has been helping the company to support and encourage its best employees.


This is a company of repute that focuses on medical products. The company is responsible for the production of two of the most popular medical products in the market, the Bioventus surgical and Bioventus active healing therapies. These products are known for their effectiveness and safety.

The company has different job opportunities, depending on your career path. Working in this company allows you to have a career that will make you innovative. The company invests in its employees and there are different rewards packaged for different employees, especially if you can deliver valuable work.

Bronto Software

This is a tech company that provides organizations and mid-market enterprises with cloud-based market automation platforms. This includes social, mobile, and email marketing. The company is located in a friendly environment with a lot of restaurants.

Working in this company provides the employees with one of the best packages in Durham, NC. For instance, you are entitled to free drinks and fruit in the kitchen, a subsidized YMCA membership for all the employees, and many others.

Smashing Boxes

Smashing Boxes is a digital agency company with offices in Durham and New Orleans. The main focus of the company is the creation of next-generation products, which are suitable for mobile, web, and other forms of connected devices.

The company found its place among the best places to work in Durham, NC due to its flexible working hours. In some instances, you don’t need to go to the office before you can work. Not only that, but the company also offers paid paternity and maternity leave; four and twelve weeks respectively. Also, there is a 100% health and dental insurance package for all the employees.

Where can I find a job close to Durham, NC?

There are varieties of job opportunities in Durham, NC but you can also extend your search for a big job to neighboring cities and communities even if you are living in Durham, NC. Highlighted below are some of the best locations where you can find jobs close to Durham, NC.


This is a relatively big town that is considered by many the largest in North Carolina. The town has a population of about 150,000 people but there are job opportunities for people, irrespective of their career track. Some of the major employers in the town are SAS Institute, MetLife, and Kellogg’s.


This is a perfect location for you if you seek a place where you can still enjoy the frenzies in the city without experiencing its hassle. Though the town does not have many job opportunities like the neighboring cities, it is home to some companies such as ETrials Worldwide and Alliance One.


The location of this town is perfect for those who are not interested in living in Durham, NC but want a place that is just within a few minutes driving distance to the city. The good news about this place is that you can easily catch a train from there to Durham downtown and the homes there are relatively cheaper. Some of the places where you can work in Burlington are Ascend Learning, Sophos, and Northbridge Company.

How to choose a moving company in Durham, NC

Being a big city with many opportunities, many people have been moving into the city. This has led to the establishment of many moving companies. If you need the service of moving companies in Durham, NC, the following are some of the things you should consider.


You can ask people you trust for recommendations. Nevertheless, do not stop at that, you should also research the company. You can read reviews online and find out how long they have been in business.


A good moving company will have the right license, insurance, and other legal paperwork. Before you hire any, you should ask for the company’s license.

Fit for your needs

Some companies do not have the right equipment and personnel for some tasks while some do not have the license to operate in some environments. Before you hire any, make sure the company has what it takes to meet your needs.


Hiring a moving company in Durham, NC requires that you make your research due to a large number of moving companies. If you are not diligent, you could be a victim of a fraudulent company.


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