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The 7 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Consulting Business

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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The 7 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Consulting Business

Offering consultation services is one of the hottest
businesses which can provide you with both the profits
and flexibility today. To start with your own
consulting business, you must be widely knowledgeable
about the ins and outs of it. Here are the seven easy
steps to inform you on how to run your profitable
consulting business. Read on and be guided.

1. The typical way to start any business is to be
informed about it. This is also similar to running a
consulting business. Start your first day by buying
informative books, video collections and other manuals
to learn more about the business. You can also seek
advice from other consultants who had been successful
on their fields. Do not be ashamed or fearful of
asking for help. All had gone through this process so
keep your composure.

2. Develop a harmonious working relationship with your
clients. Building good relationships with the clients
is the mantra of all businesses since relationships
can go beyond the initial sale and can also forge
repeat buys. Clarify client’s expectations versus what
you can do. Specify your expertise and the benefits
they can get from having you as their consultant. More
often than not, clients especially those big
organizations have high expectations of the
consultants. By being realistic of your capabilities,
the good relationship can be developed from then on.

3. Make a good proposal with a clear statement of your
strategies and objectives. Since you are the
consultant, you are expected to solve majority of the
organization’s problems. Clearly state on your
proposal the services you will provide and the price
you will be asking. Strongly emphasize the advantages
that your client will enjoy once they deal with you.
You can only do this by presenting the benefits they
can reap after getting your services.

4. Create a marketing plan to grab the most profitable
client’s attention. You can briefly present your
marketing plan; actually you can devise a seven
sentence marketing plan. The first sentence explains
the purpose of your project. Second sentence explains
the ways on how to achieve the purpose and the
benefits that the clients can get. Third sentence
describes the target market. Fourth sentence describes
the niche. Fifth sentence is about the weapons you
will utilize. Sixth sentence is about your business
identity; and seventh is all about the budget.

5. Present a refined, professional image. Being in the
image business, your clients will perceive you as an
ultimate maker of sales. One sure way to draw new
clients is to be categorized as an expert in the
consulting industry. Project yourself as an expert
having marketable skills produced from a combination
of education and knowledge you gained from years of
experience. Since your skills are rare, many companies
will be willing to pay your premium. But they also
need to see you as in demand, successful and one of
the top quality consultants of all time. Make sure
that you have all the necessary materials such as
sample videos and business cards. Convey an image of
an expert who have all the knowledge clients can
benefit from.

6. Offer free introductory session when needed.
Oftentimes, consultants are conscious of the bills and
are hesitant to give their services. Being a
consultant does not always mean charging per hour of
your precious service. If you are just starting with
your business, you must first build client’s awareness
about your services so free short consultation will
not hurt you. Ensure that your client will be
interested on your services by conducting free
information seminar once in a while. This can give you
exposure and referrals.

7. Be keen with results. The clearest path to have new
clients is a promotion from those who saw your first
successful project. Keep your network of employers and
other persons that you know. Always keep in mind that
in consulting business, results are the viable tool to
acquire clients. To be successful, you must deliver
and offer undisputed value to your clients and all
other members of your network.

These seven steps are just some of the many ways that
can be followed when starting a new consulting
business. This might not be enough though since a
great effort must be exerted when running any chosen
business. With all these ingredients, your consulting
business will surely give you huge money.


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