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Questions and answers about dog crates

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Which manufacturers are there?

As for the brands and manufacturers of dog boxes, there are well-known and unknown names to discover. Even Amazon offers dog boxes under the label AmazonBasics. In addition, there are, among other things:





How big does a dog crate have to be?

A dog crate should be so large that cesar millan’s dogs names your dog can lie in there, sit and stand upright. In addition, the dog should still have a bit of space upwards when standing upright. You should take this into account when buying a dog crate.

Your dog must be able to move sufficiently in the dog box. He must not feel restricted

Which dog box is suitable for the home?

Basically, many comparisons for dog boxes have shown that you can put a dog transport box at home. However, you should not simply place the dog crate in your apartment as you would transport it in your car. At home, for example, you can put not only a blanket in it, but also a bowl for drinking.

Your dog will certainly like to make himself comfortable on the dog mat and consider the dog box as a place to retreat. Which dog crate is best suited for your home depends on the size of your dog and whether you still want to transport your dog in it. Because it is not necessary to use one dog box for home and another for transport. Here the purchase of a single dog transport box makes sense. You can then use them at home and on the go.

Is there already a test from Stiftung Warentest?

The good news in advance: Stiftung Warentest has already chosen a dog box test winner. In addition, we recommend that you also look at some other dog box tests to also get insight into the experiences and opinions of customers.

How to attach a dog crate to the trunk?

A  healthcare for german shepherd crate can be attached to the trunk with tension straps to the lashing eyelets that you will find in every vehicle. Alternatively, tension straps are suitable. Ideally, also slide an anti-slip mat under the dog box. In this way, the safety of all vehicle occupants increases.

What are the dimensions of the foldable dog box in grey/black?

The model of Trixie has a length of 61 cm, 46 cm wide, and 43 cm high.


What material is the transport box 39342 made of?

The Trixie box is made of aluminum and is additionally equipped with a washable thermal blanket.


Can the Nomad transport box be retrofitted with castors?

The seller has the right castors for the Karlie box, which can be retrofitted under the product.


To which side is the door on the top of the pet transport box opened?

The roof of the AmazonBasics model can be opened either to the right or to the left via a handle and locking latch.

Is the floor mat of the dog crate washable?

Yes, the integrated floor mat of the Kerbl 80597 dog box can be easily washed at 30° C.


What material is the Dog Transport Box Karlie Smart made of?

The dog transport box Karlie Smart is made of nylon material, which is durable and easy to care for. If necessary, it can be simply brushed off or cleaned with a damp cloth.


How big is the cat transport box Gulliver 3?

The cat transport box Gulliver 3 made of high-quality plastic is 61 cm long, 40 cm wide, and 38 cm deep.


What material is the lionto by dibea dog transport box made of?

If you want to buy this dog transport box, you will receive a product made of two types of materials. The grid is made of metal and the box itself is made of durable nylon.


Is it possible to darken the EUGAD E0121HT dog box?

To ensure good ventilation at all times, the power supplies remain open and permeable. To darken, you would have to hang a towel or similar over the dog box.


What grades did the individual dog boxes receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal dog box test winner from the following list:

First place – good: 72140 Transportbox Discovery by Nobby – exemplary Internet price: 15 Euro

Second place – good: 81346 from Kerbl – exemplary Internet price: 14 Euro

Third place – good: 0005LL from EUGAD – exemplary Internet price: 110 Euro

Fourth place – good: D1-0154 transport box from Pawhut – exemplary Internet price: 35 Euro

Fifth place – good: Transport box Skudo 5 IATA by Nobby – exemplary Internet price: 85 Euro

Sixth place – good: Stefanplast Gulliver 3 by Stefanplast – exemplary Internet price: 31 Euro

Seventh place – good: E0121HT from EUGAD – exemplary Internet price: 48 Euro

Eighth place – good: Dog transport box by Karlie – exemplary Internet price: 70 Euro

Ninth place – good: AmazonBasics transport box for pets from AmazonBasics – exemplary Internet price: 35 Euro

Tenth place – good: 80597 from Kerbl – exemplary Internet price: 59 Euro

At first glance, the dog box comparison contains an above-average number of “good” dog boxes, but only dog boxes are “very good”. Furthermore, it is noticeable that none of the products has performed worse than “good” in the dog box compared with a grade.

How many dog boxes from different manufacturers were included in the dog box comparison by the editors?

In comparison, we present dog boxes from 9 different producers, so that you can choose the best for you from the 14 products.

How much money must be invested in at least one dog crate to get a very good product?

The most expensive product in the dog box comparison costs 189.99 euros. However, you can already buy good dog boxes for an average of 60.61 euros.

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