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Low Budget! No Issue! 6 easy tips to get cheap medicine boxes

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Premium quality medicine boxes better protect the blisters and medicines inside them. Moreover, a pharmaceutical firm can display the chemical compositions and other details for transparency. A firm can get them in a custom size to make bulk or limited shipping. Embedding these boxes with the embossing, debossing, foiling, and scoring options make them raises their visibility. All the premium packaging types of medicines are printed using offset or digital printers to show a professional attitude. Also, the gloss and matte coatings could help firms preserve print and medicines in a humid environment. It is also easy to transform these boxes into a pill organizer for a week or month dose.

Costs incurred over the packaging are a common issue in all businesses. Some of them opt for ordinary boxes that are comparatively cheap. However, it is not possible in the case of the medicine boxes because of the sensitivity of medicines. Surprisingly there are some tricks you can use to minimize the manufacturing cost of this packaging. It will help tackle the low-budget issues that could become a hurdle in the growth of a pharmaceutical startup firm. Here is a list of 6 easy ways that you can follow to get these boxes at cheap rates.

Buy medicine boxes at online marketplaces

The way you have chosen to buy the packaging directly impacts the costs. A smart approach can effectively reduce overall costs. One such approach is buying the custom medicine boxes from online marketplaces rather than from the local service providers. These providers get an edge with less competition. However, it is not the case with the same firms providing services over these platforms. You could head to some of the famous platforms like Amazon. You would find a huge number of firms offering packaging for medicines with some lucrative discounts. A benefit of making a purchase here is that you can compare the prices from multiple firms. Give preference to one that gives more features on a low budget without any compromise over quality.

Prefer cheap organic raw materials

There is a huge variety of materials to manufacture the printed medicine boxes. Meanwhile, every material is different from each other in terms of traits it has and cost. Packaging is always costly if service providers have to import the material for their production. On the other hand, manufacturing a box with locally available materials brings down the costs to an affordable level. So, prefer cheap alternate materials, and organic substances are the best substitutes for it. Some common examples of such substances are mushrooms, bamboo pulp, and seaweed. Moreover, a farming region can provide corn starch that would provide an extremely cheap packaging. Also, these materials will benefit in promoting sustainability and earning a positive public perception.

Customize medicine boxes’ size and shape

Getting the ready-made box for deliveries and display of medicines in the drugstores is also a factor that increases costs. Such boxes come in some specific sizes, and a firm has to choose from these. Most of the space is left empty, which never comes into use. Thus, customize custom boxesand get them in the sizes according to the number of medicines you want to put. Personalize the overall size of boxes and eliminate all empty spaces. Ask your packaging service providers to provide you with boxes right according to the shape of the blisters. Moreover, choose a design that requires the consumption of less material. Such smart packaging design and size also raise the visibility of items.

Eliminate the less needed packaging parts

Usually, the packaging consists of multiple parts to form an engaging design and make it more functional. However, this phenomenon keeps contributing to the rise in manufacturing costs of custom cardboard boxes. It is because of the more manufacturing and assembling efforts. Therefore, reducing the non-needing parts of the packaging will help minimize the production and printing costs. For example, you can skip the use of cardboard inserts from the box if your material is durable enough to protect the pills from harm. Similarly, prefer to manufacture this packaging with a single sheet of cardboard to minimize the use of sticking materials. All designs having such traits are low cost and easy to afford for businesses.

Buy wholesale from reliable packaging firms

Have you noticed how some brands get unimaginable discounts from packaging firms? Buying the custom medicine boxeswholesale from these firms provides amazing discounts. Bulk buying benefits both the service providers and their clients. A brand can save on the printing, designing, and shipping costs by making bulk purchases. Professional designing teams of the packaging firms provide fresh desired design or a change in it free of cost. Moreover, you would get all of your ordered stock at the desired destination absolutely without spending a single penny. Therefore, it is recommended to partner with the reliable packaging companies that afford to offer such lucrative discounts for the needs of your pharmaceutical firms.

Prefer offset technology for printing purposes

The easiest way to get the custom cardboard boxeson a low budget is to save on printing. It is an expensive job to print all the information in a way that could add a charming effect to the design. Yet, a way by which you can make it more engaging by reducing printing costs is opting for offset printers. These types of printers are pretty effective when you need to process a bulk job. Offset printers have a high rate of processing number of sheets per minute than any other printer. It is why bulk printing through these printers is cheap per unit and contributes to the reduction of overall production costs.

These techniques provide a chance for startup pharmaceutical firms to get medicine boxesat a low budget and get successful. Modern approaches toward the designing, manufacturing and printing processes play a vital role in this regard. At the same time, these techniques show the professionalism of firms and grab the attention of doctors, nutritionists, and the public.


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