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Knowledge Management Consulting

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What is Knowledge Management Consulting?

Knowledge Management Consulting is the storage, organization, and sharing of your consulting firm’s knowledge and insights. This knowledge can be shared internally between employees or externally from the company to the client. This is important for consulting firms because everyone needs to have the same information throughout the firm. If not, everyone isn’t on the same page, and your employees will not be able to leverage the information and it will cause some inconsistency.

This information is all important to your company and you need to know all about it. If you learn more about knowledge management consulting, you will be able to spread this information quicker to those who need it. This article will help you to learn all about this concept.

learn more about knowledge management consulting

Some Requirements

  • Ability to Serve Your Knowledge Anywhere

You need a contact center that allows agents who need answers can find them and a website where customers can serve themselves. This means that you need a tool that can do both and integrate into these channels. 

  • Answer-Assist Capabilities

The best way to help your customer service agents to find the answers that they need with the least amount of effort is to use big data and to leverage the knowledge management data to use to deliver answers. There is only a need for customers to speak with an agent as a last resort when they need answers faster. If your customer service agent is going through many different databases to get the answer, they are taking too much time and frustrating customers. 

  • Modern Knowledge Management Platform

Any modern platform for knowledge management should be able to give the creators the tools that they need to present the information in the best format to an end user. One form of information sharing called decision trees are one way that can help your agents to present information much easier than long form articles. These aren’t usually available in most knowledge bases, so it makes it difficult for your agents. 

  • Knowledge Management Team Organization

You need to have a clearly defined group of workers and contributors that work with knowledge. If you don’t you will not be as successful as you want to be. You really need to make a knowledge management team that have roles and responsibilities that are clearly defined. 

  • Documented Knowledge Management Framework

There should be eight elements that form a comprehensive knowledge framework to be successful. These are people, processes, technology, governance, conversation, capture, synthesis, and access. Without these eight elements your framework won’t be successful. 

  • One Location for All Approved and Maintained Knowledge

Instead of having all your approved and maintained knowledge spread out among all the different departments of your organization, you need to have it all in one location. Your company should integrate knowledge from one specific place instead of duplicating the information or making new content in locations that not everyone knows. 

  • Ability to Recommend Answers

With the technology we have today your agents and customers should only have to search for answers as a last resort. The recommended answers should pop up automatically as soon as the agents need them. This will make finding those answers faster and make your customers happier.

  • Enterprise-Class Pinpoint Search

If agents and customers do need to do a search as a last resort, you don’t want it to be slow and clunky – you want it to be quick and efficient. The agents won’t remember the exact title of documents when they go to search for it, so they need to be able to find it quickly with Google-like efficiency. They need to be able to use a keyword to find the information that they need quickly. 

  • Knowledge Work Automation

The amount of information that you need to process and used as knowledge is growing each and every day. Your knowledge managers will need some form of automation to keep up with this amount of information. If you can keep up with the new information and have answers readily available, your customers will be even happier. You can learn more about knowledge work automation here: This site can help you to figure this out. 

  • Knowledge-Centric Culture

If you are going to build a modern-day knowledge infrastructure, you need all your company to have buy-in. Your people can’t tolerate knowledge that is out-of-date, and they need to know that yesterday’s software won’t solve tomorrow’s knowledge issues. They also need to understand that a good work culture involves sharing the knowledge that they have as well as adding new articles and revising the existing content. 


You need to know a lot about sharing knowledge with your clients and your agents. You need to be ahead of the game if you want to compete in this area. This means that you might need to add automation to the program to make it easier to find the answers that you are looking for. 

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