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Apptopia Trump Twitterkantrowitz Bigtechnology, Apptopia: Banning Trump on Twitter didn’t impact the social media platform, reports Kantrowitz/BigTechnology

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Appotopia data suggests Twitter banning Trump didn’t affect the Twitter user-base, at all, as reported by Alex Kantrowitz on BigTechnology. [Apptopia Trump TwitterKantrowitz BigTechnology]

Key Takes:

  • Apptopia data suggests that banning Trump from Twitter did not impact the platform’s user base or engagement
  • Twitter faced potential risks from world leaders retaliating against their staff in their respective countries if they banned Trump
  • Twitter tripled its stock value under President Donald Trump, despite his ban
  • The ban may be a plus for advertisers who were turned off by toxicity over the past few years

When Trump was the president of the United States, it was thought that if he goes down, so does Twitter. It was also a misconception that Trump creates many activities on Twitter, which was true, but what’s absurd was that his absence from the platform would cripple the engagement rate.

Now that Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter, recent data shared by marketing and benchmarks data company Apptopia suggests that the former president’s ban has shown absolutely no effect on Twitter.

The number of users on Twitter and the platform’s engagement remained the same despite the fact the president is no more on the social media website. If we look at the line graph of the number of users on Twitter, the day he was banned had absolutely no impact on the line, suggesting that the assumptions were false. [Apptopia Trump TwitterKantrowitz BigTechnology]

the day he was banned had absolutely no impact on the line
Image Source: Big Technology/Apptopia

“It is not easy for one person to have a noticeable impact on such large social network apps… Cultural events are seen much better in the data than in any singular person’s situation,” stated Apptopia’s VP Adam Blacker.

What’s even funny is that there was a notion claiming that Trump was hired by Twitter to keep the audience engaged, so that more and more people are using the platform, generating money for Twitter. 

“Twitter felt an extreme responsibility to allow and stimulate public conversations… They wrestled with that charge, the ability to enable those conversations, and what Trump had done to turn the conversations — and even the platform — negative,” a former Twitter executive told Alex Kantrowitz from BigTechnology. [Apptopia Trump TwitterKantrowitz BigTechnology]

Twitter faced the possibility of world leaders retaliating against their staff in their respective countries if they banned Trump. This potential risk was more significant for Twitter than the possibility of a decrease in the usage of the platform. This concern became a reality in India, where Twitter employees are currently under threat of imprisonment for permitting criticism of the government.

Apptopia’s Twitter Data confirmed by Twitter

The data shared by Apptopia was once considered unverified, but Twitter didn’t dispute its results. Even though Twitter executives didn’t comment, they didn’t say the data was fake as well. 

To collect this data and generate these results, Apptopia used data points from over 125,000 Android and iOS Twitter apps. According to this data from Apptopia and confirmed by Twitter, the Trump ban didn’t affect Twitter’s user activity and engagement at all. 

Even though the user activity didn’t affect much, Twitter tripled its stock value under President Donald Trump. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is responsible for this success. While Twitter focused on news, other platforms pulled back giving Twitter an advantage. 

“Twitter is and has been a steady part of pop culture, and one user – no matter who he is – disappearing clearly didn’t make a big difference…If anything, this will be a plus for advertisers who were turned off by toxicity from the past few years,” told Darren Lachtman, a former brand strategy director to Alex Kantrowitz. [Apptopia Trump TwitterKantrowitz BigTechnology]

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