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Index of Money Heist Season 3- Download or Watch Online

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(Index of Money Heist Season 3 stacked up with the direct download links for all the episodes in the 480p | 720p | 1080p quality on just one click)

Money Heist, a Spanish heist drama originally known as ‘La Casa De Papel – The House of Paper’, was previously planned to wind up only in two seasons. But after the huge popularity of the show, they reconsidered building the plot for the Money Heist Season 3 with more suspense and action thriller. If you have watched the last two wild seasons then this index of Money Heist Season 3 will surely drop your jaws promising more than just a heist.

Name – Money Heist

Season- 3

Episodes- 8

On-air- July , 2019

Creator- Alex Pina

Genre- Drama, thrill, action, crime

In the last two seasons, the team of the Professor entered the Royal Mint of Spain and successfully printed millions of Euros, and rounded off the heist. The series was filled with the thrilling suspense at the end of each episode that made you so addicted to the show to continue the captivating story of Money Heist. We bring the index of Money Heist Season 3 including all the episodes in HD quality.

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What’s in the Index of Money Heist Season 3

This season promises more than just a heist, the previous goal of printing the Euros, this season 3 starts with the new goal to enter the Bank of Spain under the direction of the Professor (Alvaro Morte) and Raquel/ Lisbon. What’s their goal this time? Firstly, to steal 90 tons of solid gold bars by melting them into tiny grains and retrieve Rio from the torture custody of an authority. Index of Money Heist season 3 has ample surprises to stick with.

Index of Money Heist Season 3
Index of Money Heist Season 3

Money Heist Season 3 begins after two to three years of the heist on the Royal Mint of Spain, showing the robbers enjoying their lives. Rio got captured by Europol with an incepted phone, the Professor then sticks to Berlin’s old plan to force Europol to hand over Rio back.

He then gets the gang and plans the chaos to attack Bank of Spain with New members Bogota, Palermo (in charge), and Marseille in the team. With the flashbacks of Professor and Berlin heist planning, the robbers sneaked into the Bank of Spain that is heavily guarded with police & security. Again with the hostages, the robbers get access to the gold and the state secrets.

Index of Money Heist Season 3 is stacked up with the revelations encountering the police entry into the bank led by Colonel Luis Tomayo and pregnant inspector Alicia Sierra. Nairobi gets injured and  Lisbon is caught by the police. After being known for the situation the Professor radios Palermo and declares Defcon 2 on the police.

Episode 8 declares the conclusion of the index of Money Heist Season 3 showing Lisbon in police custody and Tokyo making the narration about the plan of the Professor that he has fallen in his own trap, then, it was a war.


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