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Competitors or Alternatives of Vivavideo

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Making special and small videos for birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion is the new trend on the internet. If you have a smartphone, you must have used it via video for video editing or making birthday or anniversary videos. Vivavideo is a very popular video editing app but now it’s banned in India like the other illegal websites such as Hdhub4u. therefore it is advised to use only legal apps for video making or video editing.

Vivavideo was a very famous video editing tool with numerous outstanding features such as filters, sound effects, pre-defined themes, etc. Only a few video apps on the play store or app store can match up to its fantastic features. This application is very user-friendly and allows you various editing to make your videos cool and unique.

Because this software deal with our private and personal files, it’s critical to pick a very safe and trusted video editing tool. VivaVideo is a well-known video editing platform that has been the subject of several privacy concerns in the past. Sometimes we have really confidential information being edited that is intended for our personal viewing, and if these apps do not follow the proper security rules, they may be hacked and our data misused. However, the Vivavideo app is now banned by the government of India.

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There are multiple alternatives of Vivavideo are available on the Internet. These are as follows:

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is a good competitor of viva video. KineMaster, for starters, has a more streamlined interface that makes navigation much easier. It also makes it a little easier to add and integrate many layers of video, making editing movies on a mobile device a little easier. Even in terms of color modifications, it outperforms its illustrious opponent. KineMaster keeps the process simple, whether it’s fixing colors or applying different color filters.

2. Magisto

Magisto is a very popular video editing app that can put you at the top of the trending chart. This app has a large collection of professionally designed video editing tools that allow you to create fun-loving videos for Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media platform. The program makes use of artificial intelligence to make the entire editing process easier. Because the editing tools are simple, you can quickly master the art of film creation. Aside from that, Magisto features a sizable commercially licensed song library.

3. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is one of the best alternatives of Vivavideo with the pro-grade video editing tools. This apps also allows editing and exporting videos in 4K resolution. It comes with a convenient speed adjustment tool that allows you to fine-tune the pace of any movie with ease. Whether you want to make a fast-forward film or a beautiful slow-motion clip, the speed adjustment tool can help you out.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

If you are looking for an app for creating cinematic movies that can send on social media, Adobe premier Rush would be the best apps for you. This app is equipped with an enviable library of powerful tools. The multitrack timeline, which can handle four videos and three audio tracks at the same time, is probably the best feature of this video editor. Perfect for when you need to publish high-quality social media posts quickly.

5. Quik

Quick was created to make video editing as simple as possible. If you don’t like taking a long way around to make a nice-looking video, you should give this video editor a try. I’m sure you’d be smitten by its capacity to provide a completely customized movie editing experience. If you think it traded quality for convenience, consider this: it’s as efficient as some of the greatest video editors available.

6. Splice

This videos editing app is also one of the best alternatives to vivavideo. this app runs smoothly even on the mobile device. Splice has a lightweight and fully customized interface with nice-looking filters for a variety of videos.

The Last words

Vivavideo is a very popular video editing app but now it’s banned in India like the other illegal websites such as TodayTVSeries, 9xfilms, Tamilyogi, etc. therefore it is advised to use only legal apps for video making or video editing.


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