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HD Index of Money Heist Season 2 – All Episodes

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(Download all the thrilling episodes collection from the index of Money Heist dubbed in HD quality with direct links)

After the tremendous successful response of Money Heist Season 1 produced by Alex Pina, Money Heist fans eagerly waited to encounter the exciting suspense of the heist plotted by the Professor (Alvaro Morte). So you may be looking for the index of Money Heist Season 2 to watch the historical heist.

The popular Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama where the mastermind the Professor recruits 8 robbers for the biggest heist in history ever happened who are masters in their field of talent. The Professor gives them the code-name by the cities so that no one can easily recognize them.

The main  heroes are the robbers who have nothing to lose and the innocent 67 hostage citizens. The team was bounded with the eleven days of privacy protocol throughout the mission and they had to manage with the hostages as well as the elite police force.

Run into the heist by downloading the piled up all episodes into the index of Money Heist in a row with direct links or you can also watch it online.

The heist is centered at the Royal Mint of Spain and the second heist at the Bank of Spain to print the money and the team was led by the Professor from an outside location.

In the index of Money Heist season 2, it turns out with revealing the mystery that it all was the plan of the Professor’s father where Berlin was the hero of this plan in the Royal Mint of Spain.

Details about Money Heist Season 2

Total episodes- 6

Released in- 2017

Language- English

Quality- 480p | 720p

Genre- Thriller, drama, heist, crime, action

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Money Heist Season 2 Plot

Season 1 Money Heist waved off after the successful heist of 984 million euros at the Royal Mint of Heist. The Professor and the team reunite to free Rio due to a lack of communication issues.

Money Heist Season 2 starts with the new bold and dangerous plan of another heist targeting the Bank of Spain. The rebellious robbery continues to excite with the twist and turn of the plot.

Money Heist Season 2 Plot
Money Heist Season 2 Plot

The most interesting twist is that the National Police Corps inspector Raquel has no idea that she has been romancing the man (Professor) who is the brain behind the heist. The Professor being two steps ahead turns all the traps but the Professor gets trapped and kidnapped by the cop. Check the index of Money Heist Season 2 to see the Professor masquerading as a clown.

After a huge bleed of the robbers, the cops entered the tunnel just at the moment the heist team was ready to escape. Berlin sacrifices himself for his team’s escape. The story twist reveals that the Professor and Berlin were the brothers all along. The heist ends with a success being the most thrilling adventure.

Click on the index of Money Heist Season 2 to encounter the mysterious heist.


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