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How to Get Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting

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Web servers have become the backbone and the primary prerequisite of any business wishing to establish its identity on the Internet. Since the Internet opens up a tremendous amount of opportunities to make a profit. And, so numerous business owners seek reliable web hosting services. As a result, this has also led to another profitable business known as reseller hosting.

Due to the enormous demands of web hosting services and an increasing number of  users, the parent web hosting company cannot always make sure to accommodate every user’s needs. Instead, such parent web hosting companies choose to sell their resources to resellers who drive as well as accommodate the customers and rent out the web hosting services. They provide reseller hosting packages with which you get the opportunity to start your own web hosting business and serve your end customers.

In this article, we will give you insights into the most prevalent Windows Reseller Hosting that lets you get the highly profitable output with a minimal investment. Let’s begin with the introduction and working of Windows Reseller Hosting.

A Brief about Windows Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a web hosting service that permits you to rent out the resources and server space you purchase from the parent web hosting company. When the Windows operating system functions at the base of the reseller hosting server, we call it Windows reseller web hosting. You can resell the web hosting services under your own company or brand identity by acquiring the white-labeling services from your parent host.

White Label Services lets you legally set your brand name on the services you take from the parent web host while hiding the parent web host company entirely from your customers. This further helps you in saving your money and time. Reseller hosting also allows you to customize the hosting plans as per your clients’ needs and sell them at your choice of cost. You get the authority to start, suspend, unsuspend, or discontinue any client’s hosting.

Moreover, reseller hosting with Windows brings in the benefits of the windows operating system as well. The reseller hosting Windows provides you with a Plesk control panel that helps you run, control, and manage your web business smoothly and effectively without any technical expertise. It also lets you have the intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). On the other side, reseller hosting with Windows provides the perfect support for running applications like ASP Classic, VB Development,, MySQL, C#, MS Access, and many more. Being a product of Microsoft Corporation, Windows operating system also brings along the high-tech support of the Microsoft IT team.

How to Choose Best Windows Reseller Web Hosting

In order to pick the reliable and best reseller Windows hosting for your web business, you must ensure that you obtain the following things from your parent web host-

  • 24/7 Technical assistance through experts
  • Affordable Windows hosting reseller plans and packages
  • Efficient Management Panel
  • White-label hosting solution
  • Standard and advanced security features to ensure web business’ data protection
  • High scalability and hosting flexibility
  • 90% Uptime network assurance

How Wisesolution is the cheapest Reseller Hosting Provider

As discussed in the previous segment, one of the crucial aspects of getting the best Windows reseller hosting plan for your business is to seek the right web hosting company. This is where the Wisesolution web hosting company becomes the perfect pick. Wisesolution is the top-leading and renowned organization for rendering high-grade and hyper-scale Windows reseller hosting at the cheapest rates. It gives the assurance of providing all the things mentioned in the previous segment along with many more hosting benefits.

Further, the company ensures the support of enterprise-grade hardware and best-quality hosting facilities to intensify your web business performance. Moreover, you can acquire the privileges like best windows mail server and following advantages with the company’s Windows reseller hosting India plans and packages –

  • You can acquire unlimited bandwidth for your reseller hosting Windows business. Also, you can operate unlimited email IDs, domains, MsSQL databases, and sub-domains.
  • The company provides free SSL certificates and weekly data backup features to ensure your as well as your customers’ data.
  • You will obtain 100% SSD storage with every cheap Windows reseller hosting plan for the fastest web page loading speed.
  • You can attain excellent email services with unlimited reseller hosting. You will have the possibility to host unlimited websites.
  • The company provides a free and simplistic website builder along with a Softculous one-click installer that lets you install the applications of your choice within seconds.
  • You can acquire complete root-level access to the server with your Windows reseller hosting plan. With comprehensive administrative control, you can easily modify and execute functions or operations based on your web business necessities.
  • The company provides a 7-day money-back guarantee with each Windows reseller hosting plan. With this, you can rest assured that you are making a safe investment with the Wisesolution.
  • The company renders robust hardware tools and consistent network connectivity for the optimized performance of your Windows reseller hosting business.


You must have understood by now that you do not have to build a web hosting business from scratch when you are dealing as a reseller. Also, the Windows reseller web hosting lets you run your web business from being anywhere around the globe. This also enables you to target the audience from any desired location(s). Whereas your server maintenance and every data center service come under the responsibility of your parent web hosting company. So, you do not have to get bothered regarding server maintenance issues, software updates, security, etc.

With Wisesolution’s Windows hosting reseller packages, you can fulfill all the necessities of your end customers. The company lets you shape and update your web business in the best possible way by rendering excellent hosting facilities and 100% white-labeling. You can reach out to the company’s professionals via customer support service to get further details or resolve queries on the Windows reseller hosting. Or, you can browse Wisesolution’s official website for the same.


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