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How to Eject Water From iPhone

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If your iPhone is soaked with water, you’re probably wondering how to eject water from iPhone. Apple’s official water eject feature is available on the Apple Watch, but it’s not yet available on the iPhone. But don’t worry, there are solutions to this problem that are completely different from the rice method. You can try these methods to remove water residue from your iPhone and keep it in working order.

If you’re using iOS 15 on your iPhone, you’ll need to allow untrusted shortcuts. You can locate the Water Eject shortcut under Settings > Shortcuts and My Shortcuts. Tap on the Water Eject shortcut and choose the intensity level. The iPhone’s volume will be at 100%, and the device will vibrate with a certain frequency. When you’re done, you’ll hear a sound and the water will be ejected.

You can also download a free app called Clear Wave to eject the water. This app will work similarly to the “Eject Water” shortcut. It’s free and has passed Apple’s strict standards for inclusion in the iOS marketplace. You can also download other apps to eject water from your iPhone. Once you’ve installed the app, follow the instructions in the app. Then, use the shortcut to push water out of your iPhone’s speaker grills.

Another way to eject water from iPhone is to install the Water Eject Siri Shortcut on your iPhone. You can get this shortcut from the app store. After you install it, you should enable third-party shortcuts and enable untrusted shortcuts. When you click on the shortcut, it will open automatically in the Shortcuts app. You should then see the Water Eject Siri Shortcut in the My Shortcuts menu.

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Another way to eject water from iPhone is to install an app called Sonic. This app has a feature where it plays different frequencies. The sound that it emits from your phone can actually force the water to exit through the speaker port. To download the app, simply install the Sonic app from the App Store and launch it by tapping the button on the center of the screen. Make sure your phone is lying flat when using the app so that the phone can emit a low frequency sound.

If you do accidentally drop your iPhone in water, it’s vital to remove it immediately. Don’t put it near radiators or in a hot oven, as this may damage the electronic components in the phone. However, some iPhones can still turn on after the water is removed, but the lifespan will significantly reduce. If the phone is completely damaged, you’ll have time to select a new model. If your iPhone gets completely wet, it’s time to eject the water from it and save the data.

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