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How Many Jobs Are Available In Industrial Machinery/Components?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Thinking of pursuing a career in industrial machinery/components? Go ahead, as it is one of the most rewarding professions in the United States.

There are plenty of jobs available in industrial machinery/components. According to stats shared by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were around 500,000 vacant seats for the said industry. 

Choosing what profession to have in your 20s is one of the most difficult decisions one has to take. Nowadays, most folks at a young age want to pursue the highest paying career, and no one seems to be following their passions. 

This article will tell you what you need to have successful industrial machinery and components career and how many jobs are available in this sector.


The whole world calls the United States a dream country, hence, The American Dream. Why is that? Well, we are home to one of the highest economies on the planet. With big economies, more business is conducted in the country. With more business, companies expand all over the country; they need big infrastructures.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Industrial Machinery/Components?
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Industrial machinery/components are heavy equipment that laborers, mostly engineers, manufacture large infrastructures. These infrastructures can be vehicles and buildings. People get different diplomas and machinery licenses or order to get a high-paying job in the sector.

Who Is Suitable To Work In This Sector?

First of all, this sector pays well. The reason is that not many people want to take this career. The Industrial machinery/components sector always requires a workforce because it drives the economy, and there is manufacturing going on everywhere.

Those with a degree in construction or who are licensed to operate machines can work and earn good money. You can get extensive training and work in this sector even if you’re not skilled or licensed.

Is It Safe To Work In Industrial Machinery/Components?

Industrial Machinery workers operate big heavy-duty machines. These machines usually require extensive training and skilled professionals to operate. If you’re not really trained to operate such a machine, you might end up hurting yourself.

You expect to operate one of the following machines and industrial equipments:

Robots (Assembly Line)

Conveyor Belts

Packaging Machines

Tools such as milling machines and lathes

These tools and machines are used across different sectors to manufacture, pack, and deliver goods in different industries.

As stated earlier, operating some of these tools and machines can be dangerous if you’re not qualified enough. So,

How Many Jobs Are Available In Industrial Machinery/Components?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics shared a report stating that more than 500,000 jobs are available in the industrial machinery and components sector. 

The numbers have significantly increased in 2022 as more than 1 million jobs are in the United States. (solely for this sector)

Do keep in mind that many of the niches make this number.

Number of Jobs For Each Field in Industrial Machinery/Components

The number of jobs for each field in the industry is limited. However, each field has a good number of open positions, so you can expect to make a good living in this sector. We’ve made a table for your convenience to know how many jobs are available for each sub-field and what they usually make.

  • Industrial Machinery Installation – 46,350 
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanics – 42,330

If you want to work in the upper positions, this sector might be the most suitable for you because the bosses do less and make more.

Highest Paying Positions in Industrial Machinery/Components

If you have a college degree in industrial management or are related to the field, you can get a high-paying job. Here’s the list of positions and how much they are paid per year.

  • Automation Engineer – $90,000
  • Industrial Designer – $75,000
  • Manufacturing Engineer – $76,000
  • Process Engineer – $81,000
  • Machinist – $50,000

Apart from that, there are management positions that pay way more. For example, an Operations Manager makes somewhere around $120,000 per year.

Final Worlds

We’ve shown the most respected and well-paying jobs in the industrial machinery/components sector. Most people get into this sector because of less competition and high pay. Apart from that, this is for those who like to actually build amazing things that are useful and, most importantly, drive the economy.

There are plenty of jobs available in the US, so if you’re pursuing a career in this sector, make sure you have the right skill set and training.

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