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Earning with the internet: the importance of a landing page that converts

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Owning a website of your business is certainly important: however, this is not enough to lead the user towards conversion and, therefore, to make money with the internet . For this reason it is first necessary to create an effective landing page with attention to the smallest details.

What is a landing page ?

So let’s start from what a landing page is : the translation of this English expression literally means “landing page”, but you must not stop at this first interpretation: in fact, from a conceptual point of view, any page of your site could be considered landing for users who know you for the first time through organic or paid search results.

What distinguishes a normal internal page of your site from a landing page are the characteristics of the latter:

  • Intercept more specific users ;
  • The user’s browsing possibilities are severely limited and generally aimed at conversion ;
  • It presents one or more CTAs (Call to Action) that are clear and clearly visible, but at the same time they must not make the user’s journey abrupt or the communication unpleasant.

Furthermore, in order to better focus on the differences with traditional pages, it should be emphasized that the landing page is created specifically to be able to earn with the internet, accompanying the user towards conversion. On the contrary, the Homepage or the internal pages have a purely informative and informative purpose: in short, their purpose is to fully express the history and services of a company or a brand.

Types of landing pages

There are different types of landing pages , the most widespread of which is the “stand-alone Landing Pages”: it is a group of pages that are independent of each other and without links to each other and to the structural site. Given these characteristics, the stand-alone Landing Pages also include those that target Click Through, Lead Capture, Infomercial and Viral.

At this point it should be noted that landing pages are often exchanged with minisites. Alternatively, you can create microsites , a system of small multiple pages that exists as a supplement to the main site, or create a landing page structure within the site, with detailed pages for campaign products.

From the point of view of objectives , however, landing pages differ in those for consultation (which are used to offer the visitor important information) and in transactional pages, which are more widespread and strategic.

How to create an effective landing page

As already mentioned, landing pages must channel traffic to the website , leading users to take an action which often results in a purchase of a product or service. To achieve this, a landing page should have some precautions :

  • User Experience : when a user lands on a landing page it should be immediately clear to him what the purpose of that web page is. At the same time, however, it is essential to make the user’s stay pleasant, without excessive details but with a simple and at the same time effective visual language;
  • Call to Action : as mentioned, the landing page must engage users and create conversions. For this reason the CTAs must be clear, clearly visible but not intrusive: in this sense it could be useful to exploit colors to engage users while distinguishing the different Call to Action modes;
  • Pay attention to the images : finally, to make the landing page really attractive and effective, it is essential to use the images in the best possible way. These should first of all show the subject of the offer, possibly in use, always trying to excite the user.

Landing pages that convert

With landing pages you can improve your online business , leading the company to receive a large number of connections with different users and potential customers. We have already talked about the importance of Call to Action to push visitors to take an action on the landing page: these should intercept the different needs of each user, involving them and letting them interact for their own advantage.

In the landing pages dedicated to the purchase of a product, it is then essential to show the product and the satisfaction of those who have already purchased it: for this reason the presence of testimonials is decisive for bringing the user to purchase. The testimonies, however, must never be fictitious or invented: they must instead clearly reflect the thinking of the buyers and, for this reason, it would be advisable for them to have a name, a surname and a well-recognizable face.

The landing page is therefore a fundamental element to convert the traffic on your website and thus be able to make money with the internet: to be successful , however, you must entrust the construction of the landing page to a team of professionals.

Start earning with the internet, let’s keep in touch

One of the most important aspects to optimize within a landing page is undoubtedly the SEO copywriting, the main element that persuades the user to visit the page: for this it is necessary to rely on professionals in the sector as SEO Leader . Thanks to my experience in this sector I will in fact be able to offer you careful SEO consultancy , optimizing the landing page of your website and giving you the opportunity to start making money with the internet.

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