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Should I Opt for Android or iOS Training?

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The app development sector is at a boom. There are numerous reasons for the success of the mobile development industry. One of the most common factors is that mobile phones have made human life easy. Thus, the demand for fast and convenient apps is constantly increasing. Therefore, every mobile app development company has a huge scope, opportunities and demand.

The operating system plays an important role in both mobile and web development. Since the operating system manages software as well as hardware to render the correct resource based on the priority or requirement.

There are 5 main types of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android & Apple’s iOS. But only two OS (operating systems) lead the market such as Android & iOS. Android led the mobile operating system worldwide in January 2022 with a70% share while iOS had a 25% market share.

If you’re interested in learning more about operating systems but in a dilemma, should you opt for Android or iOS training? Then, this article is just for you. Today, we will help you choose the best training course based on the latest market demand. Let’s go!

Pros of Android Training 

An open-source platform – Android is an open-source OS & licensed under Apache. Developers can change the codes to build customized UI. While app development, coders can access the core codes. Also, make changes to the code for customized outcomes.

Supports cloud storage – Android is a Google product so users can access cloud storage. This means users can sync devices using Gmail accounts and utilize 15GB of free cloud storage.

Consistent improvements along with new features – Android has a huge community. Therefore, continuous checks on the codes, and features, along with required modifications or alterations often bring in great upgrades.

Supports 3rd party widget & information display – Android allows users to download 3rd party widgets. Also, display third-party content on the home screen.

Supports multiple apps – Since Android OS has good hardware specifications, users can run multiple apps at one time.

Expandable memory – The biggest advantage of Android is that it supports expandable memory. Thus, users can store ebooks, music, videos and games on devices.

Pros of iOS Training 

Easy to use – iOS is very simple and compatible with every subsequent upgrade. This ensures consistent great performance without changes in the interface design.

Good use of Google maps – The Google map function/feature on iOS is comparatively great. Thus, users access and navigate through Google maps more unlike other OS users.

Document-friendly – iOS allows access to Office365 apps. It is a cloud-based application thus, enhances productivity. Further, allows users to create and share data, manage data, website pages, etc. by using computers. Therefore, iOS users can manage business work in Excel, and Word while carrying out real-time collaboration.

Multitasking – iOS allows users to multi-task and it is a big advantage. This means users can work on various tasks simultaneously.

Top-Notch security – iOS offers the best security services as compared to any other operating system. Thus, iOS devices do not have a chance of contracting viruses or other malicious codes because apps and features are tested for the specific platform.

What To Choose? Android or iOS Training?

Almost every individual faces this phase where he/she is unable to make a choice between Android or iOS. Because both operating systems lead the market. This results in a very big confusion about what a newbie should opt for.

To make a firm decision, most people often choose Android training because it is the most popular operating system. On the contrary, there are many people who enroll for iOS training.

Everyone has their own interest, choice, or reasons behind selecting the training course. If you are still thinking about what should you opt for between Android or iOS training, then we would suggest both are great operating systems. The career opportunities are also amazing and abundant.

If you want to join the best Android training in Chandigarh, then BootesNull is a great choice. No matter if you’re a beginner or experienced tech-junkie planning to switch to Android or iOS, you can build a great career with knowledge, skills and hard work. There are plenty of opportunities in both fields and this is a very fruitful career vertical for IT professionals.

At BootesNull, trainees get to learn from the industry experts along with the opportunity to work on live projects to practice the skills. In addition, special attention is given to each candidate to ensure every student is learning and grasping knowledge equally at their own pace.


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