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Decorative mailer boxes: A unique gift packaging solution

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Are you one of those who think that appearances don’t matter? If yes then stop right here and hear us out! Appearances might not matter in other things; however, for a brand appearance is everything! How good your packaging looks matters as much as anything else. According to Mr. Steve Jobs, ‘Packaging is the theatre, it tells a story’. If your packaging is plain and boring then how will you attract the eye of the customer?

Everywhere we go colors surround us. In such environment, Consumers also enjoy associating themselves with the pretty things. Where rivals are trying to take you down on every step, standing out is only possible with innovation. You might know this already, but we will say it again. Your packaging helps you stand out. For this you can also get your boxes printed.

Let us tell you why decorative mailer packaging is becoming so popular. You will also be surprised after knowing it!

Why do people prefer custom decorative mailer packaging over plain packaging?

If decorative mailer packaging is becoming famous in the market this means your consumer is very much interested in such creativity and innovation.. It goes without saying that people are buying your product for one of two reasons:

  • First, they want to put a strong impression of status and good-quality of the package that they are sending to another person.
  • They feel that the gift should be very presentable and up to the standard. Packaging gives that impression for sure.

What type of gifts people buy and why decorative mailer packaging is essential?

  • Appearance is the key. People, when they are buying gifts, focus on the aesthetics of the product as well as the packaging. Customers like to buy products that have excellent, unique feel and is packaged properly. If you are an online business than make sure that you use decorative mailer boxes to please the customers.
  • A unique style of packaging is what is given a lot of importance. Consumers are critical about the packaging. The more luxurious and flamboyant the packaging box is, more are the chances of your product to be bought off the shelf.

What can be done about Packaging?

For gifts in particular, plain cardboard boxes and bux-board packaging is out of question. If you want your gift products to sell like hot cakes, decorative mailer boxes are your answer. Try having your boxes printed as well.

Did you know? A person makes a decision that is 64% impulsive? They buy things liking it merely on first glance. It would be safer to increase this percentage where gifts are concerned because their decisions are made on emotional basis.

Following are some effective ways in which you can make your decorative mailer boxes excellent:

1. Get your decorative mailer boxes printed

Printing your decorative mailer boxes make the packaging look highly classy. Moreover, it will also help in communicating with your customer. Customers are eager to know the brand and its background and this can help you with that. It also helps in increasing brand awareness too.

2. Get your mailer box packaging to look attractive

Use innovative designs to make your packaging look interested. Attractiveness is very important when it comes to selling mailer packaging because it allows you to attract customers and make their gifts look fancy. Other than this, fancy mailer boxes also improve the image of your brand.

3. Increase brand endorsement with attractive packaging boxes

“Packaging gives you an excellent chance at branding.” Printing your brand logo or name will automatically create brand awareness in your customer. Other customers will also get to know you due to your iconic packaging boxes for sure,

How beneficial printing your decorative mailer boxes is?

Getting your custom boxes printed has a lot of benefits. First of all, it helps you in promoting brand recognition. Other than this, it will also allow you to improve brand awareness. Other benefits are also discussed below in detail.

High brand recall

Brand recall is very high when you engage a person’s visual senses. Getting your box printed or making designs on it can help you with that.

Customer retention

A study shows that 5% of customer retention can lead to 25% increase in profits. Due to this retaining your older customer base can lead to increase in new customer base as well.

Improved brand image

Awesome and creative designs will help you in improving your brand image as well.

Better brand recognition

This is a very important point. Brand recognition does not come very easy. To improve brand recognition, businesses do a lot of things. So with printing your decorative mailer boxes you can increase your brand recognition as well.


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