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How To Care For Your Shower – 10 Beginner Tips

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So, you’ve just unpacked your new shower, and it’s finally time to use it! You open up the box, assemble it all together, and now you’re excited to take a bath. Worry not as taking care of your shower won’t be as hard as you think. Read this article for a basic guide on how to properly maintain your new shower.

1) Once you have installed your shower, ensure that the water supply is connected. Then connect a garden hose to a nearby drainage point and drain out any remaining water in the unit. Ensure that all of the air has been removed from the system before filling it up again.

2) Use only cold or warm water when you shower. It is not advisable to use hot water in the shower as it may damage some of its parts or shorten their life span.

3) Ensure that the temperature outside the house does not drop below 0 degrees Celsius. If it does, drain your system until all of the water is out which will help prevent any frozen pipes from bursting.

4) Turn off the shower after each use. This will allow you to remove any lime scale build-up from your shower which can save you money in terms of energy usage and repair costs.

5) When cleaning your shower, avoid using harsh chemicals as they may damage its sensitive parts. Instead, use a nylon scrubber to clean your shower pan.

6) To avoid water damage, make sure to install a proper drainage system before using it for the first time. The drainage system should be able to handle all of the water that will flow through it, especially since it may contain small particles that can clog up pipes if not filtered properly.

7) Ensure to use non-corrosive faucet valves when installing your shower. This should help prolong its life span by preventing corrosion from occurring in the unit.

8) Install a drip tray to catch any water which may fall off of your body while you are showering. A drip tray can help prevent water damage to both the floor and walls of your shower.

9) Have a qualified technician inspect your shower’s water pressure regularly to make sure it is not too high. If the pressure of your shower is too high, it may lead to leakage and other problems which can be costly to repair.

10) Check that the hot and cold taps are fully open before you use them again. If you find them closed, they may be damaged as a result of some other problem.

Final Thoughts

So that’s our top 10 beginner tips for how to care for your shower. If you’re struggling with any of these tasks, don’t worry, just take it one step at a time. Let us know what steps you took and which ones were the most difficult so we can best assist you in taking care of your new bathroom fixture.


We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope this article has helped answer some questions about caring for showers.


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