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Debunking the Latest Recreational Vehicle Myths That Exist Today

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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1 million Americans live full time in recreational vehicles, and contrary to popular opinion, they do it out of choice.

Most people tend to believe the popular myth that they are forced to live in RVs because they can’t afford homes. Yet, most of them are traveling nurses, digital nomads, and retirees. They enjoy living in RVs as they offer them the freedom to travel.

So, it’s logical to wonder what else you believe about RVs and it’s false? Keep reading this blog to debunk the latest recreational vehicle myths that exist today.

Recreational Vehicles Are for Old People

Some strongly believe that RVs are only for older people. They argue that most people who own RVs are retirees who’re spending their golden years traveling. They claim that these are the only people who can afford to keep moving as they don’t have any responsibilities.

Yet, all these things are untrue as anyone can benefit from having an RV irrespective of age. Families should consider owning RVs to have a convenient way to travel and go camping. Besides, remote workers also love RVs as they offer them the freedom to travel at a low cost.

RVs Are Challenging to Drive

The other big lie about RVs is that they’re hard to drive. That’s why some people claim that you need special driving lessons to learn to drive an RV. And that’s why many people are reluctant to buy an RV even though they want one for camping.

Yet, these things are false as the best RVs are easy to drive. All you need is a little practice, and within a short period, you’ll master driving an RV. So, take time to compare various types of RVs to check their drivability.

RV Lifestyle Is for Hippies

Some people believe that only hippies can afford an RV lifestyle. They argue that hippies are free spirits who aren’t tied down to responsibilities in any location. That’s why they have the freedom to move from place to place, and RVs make this possible and cheap.

Although hippies love RVs, it doesn’t mean that they’re the only people who lead RV lifestyles. You, too, can adapt to this life, especially if you have a family. You want to have an RV that you and your family can take out when going camping.

You Can Tow Any RV With Your Truck

If you have a truck, you may be desperate to believe the myth it can tow any RV. You want to increase your options when comparing various types of RVs. You feel that it doesn’t matter which RV you buy as your truck can tow any of them.

Unfortunately, this is untrue as each truck has a towing rating which indicates the maximum weight it can pull. That’s why you need to check your truck’s towing rating to know the specific RVs it can pull. If you’re uncertain, consult the RV dealer to get a professional opinion on the ideal RV to buy, depending on the truck you own.

You Need a Commercial License to Drive a Recreational Vehicle

Some people argue that RVs fall under the commercial vehicle’s class, so you need a commercial license to drive one. They claim that before buying a recreational vehicle, you must go back to school to get a commercial license. And that’s why most people give up on their dream of owning an RV, as they don’t want to go back to driving school.

The great news is that you can drive an RV with a standard license, so you don’t need to get a commercial license.

You Can’t Drive an RV in a City

The other big RV industry myth is that RVs aren’t allowed in cities. Most people claim that RVs cause congestion, and that’s why it’s illegal to drive them in cities. So, if you purchase an RV, it’ll be a nightmare to move it from place to place.

The great thing is that these things are untrue as it’s legal to drive an RV in a city. All you need is to search for cities that offer affordable and secure RVs parking spaces.

RVs Are Expensive

The other big, fat lie about RVs is that they’re super expensive, and only a few people can afford them. The biggest issue is that people spreading this myth have no idea the cost of an RV. They just make claims that RVs are expensive because other people say so.

That’s why you should carry out your own research to find out the cost of an RV. You’ll be surprised to find that the best RVs are affordable and easy to acquire. All you need is to look for an RV dealer who offers friendly payment options that suits your needs.

It’s a Nightmare to Maintain a Recreational Vehicle

Most people believe that RV maintenance is a headache and costly. They argue that due to the large size of an RV, it’s hard to find auto shops that offer maintenance services. These people will, therefore, strongly warn you against buying an RV.

Yet, it’s untrue as nowadays you’ll find many auto shops offering RV maintenance services. Besides, you can even undertake basic RV maintenance work yourself.

Living in an RV Is Lonely

Some people fear living in RVs as they assume it’s lonely. They argue that it’s boring to go camping alone in an RV. What they don’t realize is that you don’t have to go camping alone as you can take friends or family.

Besides, you can add different amenities to your RV, thereby enhancing luxury and having a wonderful experience.

Ignore Recreational Vehicle Myths and Pursue Your Dream of Getting an RV

Most people are discouraged by the above recreational vehicle myths, and that’s why they give up their dream of having one. That’s why you need to ignore these myths and pursue a dream of buying an RV. Know that it’s not hard to drive an RV, and RVs are for everyone, not just older adults.

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