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What to Look for When Choosing a Dumpster Rental Company

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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The dumpster rental market in the United States sports a value of over $489 million this year. This industry has grown by an average of three percent over the last five years and continues to show expansion. 

Various factors influence the dumpster rental market, such as increased waste disposal activities in a given region and government initiatives for waste management. Experts expect the industry to continue its growth at a 2.2 percent compound annual growth rate through the year 2027. 

If you’re in the market for a dumpster, this is what you should consider when choosing a dumpster rental company.


One of the business benefits of using a dumpster rental service is paying for your company’s waste management needs. If you’re a homeowner, you might need to do more than search for a dumpers rental near me. Doing the research ahead of your rental could save you some money.

Most dumpster rental companies provide important pricing details on their website. If not, you’ll want to contact them directly for a quote. Some of the elements to consider for pricing include dumpster size, delivery fees, and rental duration.

Delivery and Pick-Up

An important factor for any dumpster rental is the timely delivery and pick-up of the container. Residential renovation projects and business restorations come with specific timing concerns. Having a dumpster rental company that sticks to its delivery is a must. 

Once you’ve completed your project, that last thing you’ll want is for this container of waste to sit outside of your property. The best dumpster rental services provide timely pick-ups to remove trash as part of their rental packages.

Dumpster Size

The next thing you’ll need to consider ahead of your dumpster rental is the size container needed for your project. If you’re embarking on a major renovation of your home or business, you might need a larger container to hold all of the debris, materials, and trash. 

If the spacing is at a premium at your property, you’ll want to rent a smaller dumpster to avoid any parking or homeowners association issues. The good thing is, shopping for the junk removal service online is easier than ever. 

Type of Trash

One of the last considerations you should make before your dumpster rental is the type of trash going into the container. Waste management companies regulate what can be disposed of in these dumpsters. Many of these services handle hazardous and non-hazardous waste in different ways. 

What you’re throwing into the dumpster could affect your rental fees. Your dumpster rental company should provide you with a list of prohibited items. If possible, consider waste management companies that prioritize recycling in their operations. 

Dumpster Rental Solutions

Choosing a dumpster rental service can be a daunting task. It doesn’t matter if you’re renovating your home, reimagining your landscape, or simply removing trash from your property, making the right dumpster rental is key. 

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