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Christianity in Australia: The Churches You Should Visit

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Christianity is still the prevalent religion in Australia, with over 52% of the population identifying themselves as Christian. While Australia is not necessarily a religious epicentre, there are various sights and attractions for a devout traveller to enjoy. Moreover, Australia is home to several churches, and every region has a Christian book store to satiate the ardent devout appetite. And people can visit the novel churches in Australia to experience the religious scene of the country while going through an extensive range of books from Children bible stories to Self-help books in the stores. Also, Australia has several churches dating back to the 19th century and a few older ones where visitors can admire the architecture and history.

From Cathedrals to Chapels
Most churches in Australia follow the neo-gothic architectural styles, and each has its unique characteristics, setting them apart. And travellers can effortlessly incorporate church visits in their holiday plans, as there are various churches around Australia for every Christian, such as:

The Ebenezer Uniting Church in New South Wales
Built in 1809, this church is the oldest in Australia and is a listed heritage site. A crowd-built church, the site stands on funds and efforts from the locals. The church took more than a decade to build, designed by Andrew Johnston, standing even today on Coromandel road in Hawkesbury, NSW. This church also witnessed the first settlers in Portland Head and was home to a school and cemetery. It still holds the old-time charm with its architecture, though there were several renovations over the years.

St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney
Tourists in Sydney should visit the St.Mary’s Cathedral, now a minor basilica, dignified by Pope Pius the XI. This cathedral follows a Gothic-revival architectural style, which tries to mimic historic Gothic elements while incorporating a few contemporary designs. Made with sandstone, it features beautiful stained glass windows designed in the 1880s and 14 enormous bells. Opposite Hyde Park in Sydney, this cathedral also has an underground crypt with mosaic floors, open to the public.

St. George’s Cathedral in Perth
A magnificent sight to behold, the St.George Cathedral is an integral part of Perth’s streetscape with its jarrah arches, bluestone pillars, and brick and limestone building. This cathedral has also been a heritage site since 2001 for its authentic Victorian Gothic architecture, rare in the country. The cathedral has several materials sourced globally, like the marble from Italy and the French Caen stone pulpit. It is a central monument for the Anglican members in the city and is an excellent addition to any tourist’s itinerary.

St.Francis Xavier’s Cathedral in Adelaide
Adelaide is also known as the City of Churches and is the perfect Christian getaway. St.Francis’s Cathedral takes centre stage in the city, being the oldest cathedral in Australia, built in 1851, though standing tower came to be in 1996, reflecting the Gothic-revival architectural style. The central bell of the structure is the Murphy Bell, with 13 other bells rung by the Bellringer’s Association of Australia and New Zealand.

St.Michael’s Uniting Church in Melbourne
This church stands out for its designer, Joseph Reed, who was also the architect of the Melbourne Town Hall. While the original church existed since 1839, it was rebuilt in 1886 by the renowned architect and is standing to this day. Meanwhile, the unique feature of this church is its theatre ambience and acoustics, inspired by early Roman architecture. The church has a curved interior to allow better sound travel and allows all attendees to hear the preacher.

All significant regions of Australia have a variety of churches, cathedrals, chapels, and every area has at least one Christian book store for the devout traveller. So, tourists can effortlessly combine or include church visits in their itinerary and learn about Australia’s history.


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