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Children’s fabrics: what are the best?

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The market offers an almost unmanageable selection of different fabrics, which can differ greatly from each other in terms of their field of application and their appearance. However, those who are looking for children’s substances must take very special criteria into account.

In this area, after all, high quality and flawless ingredients are particularly important in order to prevent the substances from harming the children. In this context, for example, the high-quality fabrics processed by Fruit of the Loom are recommended.

But what is actually important for children’s fabrics, and which are particularly recommended? The following article clarifies.

Children’s fabrics – that’s what matters

When it comes to selecting suitable children’s fabrics, the information available about the respective materials is crucial. After all, baby outdoor swing frames the focus is always on the safety in children.

Toddlers have extremely sensitive skin, so many materials can irritate them. This even applies to fabrics that appear to be extremely soft and pleasant. Even if these substances do not pose any danger to adults, they can lead to severe irritation and allergic reactions in children.

For this reason, it is very important that children’s fabrics are made of high-quality and skin-friendly materials, as well as from a tested source.

In the field of children’s fabrics, the highest standards must always be applied. The first step is to always check whether the substance has been awarded suitable safety certificates, such as the OEKO-TEX certificate. This indicates that the materials do not cause any damage to sensitive skin. This was tested in the context of extensive tests and investigations.

Substances that children should never have include pesticides, formaldehydes and known allergens. In addition, children’s substances should be anti-allergic and thermoactive. Safety is also increased by the use of natural dyes. The fabrics should also be soft, elastic and comfortable on the skin to avoid irritation.

Very popular: Minky

Minky is a fabric that is particularly popular for children and is therefore often chosen for sewing children’s things. It is characterized by its softness and its comfortable fit, so there is no risk of skin irritation.

Minky is extremely well suited for use with pillows and duvets, even for infants. In addition, Minky proves to be extremely resistant and easy to clean. Washing the fabric is easily possible in the washing machine without compromising its durability or quality.

Dot and Doti for plush

Those who are looking for extremely pleasant and soft plush fabrics for children will find what they are looking for with Dot and Doti. The plush fabrics are made of shimmering velvet and are very soft.

These fabrics are well suited, for example, for use with attractive upholstered furniture for the weight limit child’s room, but plush toys and bedspreads for bed and strollers can also be made excellently from this high-quality material. Both materials, Dot and Doti, have undergone numerous tests and comprehensive checks to ensure that they do not pose any danger to sensitive children’s skin.


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