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Custom Stainless Steel Thermal Mugs

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Thermal mugs are one of the most popular promotional items for businesses. They are colorful, long-lasting, and useful with the advantage of visibility. Unlike other types of advertising like pens or pencils, starbucks travel mugs catch people’s attention and can be used daily to promote your business.

If you buy your mugs in bulk, you can get the best price. However, if you shop around and find a cheaper deal on less of a quantity, giving away a custom mug becomes viable for events such as birthday or holiday parties. Custom stainless steel thermal mugs are perfect for commemorating events such as a championship for a local team or charity event.

Custom stainless steel mugs create long-term promotions with the best return on investment, offering a variety of benefits. For those with a smaller budget, the cost might quickly add up; whereas, for those who are willing to spend more, these custom Candles Boxes provide more flexible options.

Stainless steel mugs are a better option than plastic-insulated or plastic-uninsulated mugs for keeping any beverage hot. They also limit what flavors and odors the mug will absorb from the coffee.


Nearly all thermal mugs are made of plastic or stainless steel. Plastic is more affordable, but it retains the flavor and can be difficult to clean. Stainless steel is more durable and less expensive but breaks easier. This mug should be selected only if you always know where your mug is.

What’s the best kind of lid for a mug?

Try to find a mug with a screw lid that stays on tight and will prevent your drink from spilling.

Why a spout is the perfect coffee accessory

There are two types of spouts, with one being more suitable for coffee and the other for soup. If you are planning to drink soup from your mug, you should get a lid that has a larger spout.

Learn about the sizes and base sizes of mugs

How big your best mug of coffee is has a lot to do with how many cups of coffee you want to bring to work. You need a mug that is large enough to hold all the coffee, but not too much more than that. A full thermal mug will retain heat better than one that is only half full. It’s also easier to deal with a smaller mug than a larger one. The base size is also important. Most thermal mugs designed for travel have bases that can fit in standard car cup holders, but some have larger than normal bases. Occasionally the design of the handle will also cause the cup holder trouble, so that should be taken into consideration too.

What does a mug say about you?

Thermal mugs come in many colors and styles. It’s really up to the buyer to decide which one is best, but there are a few factors worth considering. If you don’t want your mug getting mixed up with other people’s, it might be a good idea to avoid a neutral-colored design. For workplaces that can get very cluttered, brightly-colored mugs are helpful. Mugs are also available with or without handles.


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