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Best Kitchen Decor DIY Ideas

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There is a high chance you spend most of your time in the kitchen. Thus, it’s only fair to give the space the beauty it deserves. Giving your kitchen a unique touch makes it desirable and worth spending your time. You can do tons of things to give your kitchen a makeover.

DIY gives you the ability to change your decor or spice it by trying out new things. You can also alter the kitchen renovations depending on your needs and lifestyle.

But what are some of the kitchen decor DIY projects you could try? Read on to find out.

  1. Hanging Plants

Indoor plants have a lot of proven benefits. Besides, you can never go wrong with some greenery in your kitchen. They add life aesthetically and literally. They also don’t take up much space but still leave an impression. You only need to place them strategically to enjoy their beauty.

Some of the plants you can include are English Ivy,  aloe vera, cast iron plant, and aluminum plant. You can even try to plant from vegetable scraps and create your own little kitchen garden.

Now, there are several ways to hang plants in your kitchen. You can easily get a hanging net from online shops. And if you don’t want to spend much, you can simply use jars or metal buckets. 

You can then use the curtain hardware and dowels to hang planters over your kitchen window. 

  1. Add Beautiful Serveware and Serving Boards

The kitchen items you pick contribute to the outlook of your kitchen. Thus, invest in quality and beautiful modern serveware to accentuate the look. Some of the utensils to add to your kitchen include cheese boards, dinner trays, resin coasters, and resin charcuterie boards.

Decorating a kitchen corner with round trays or breadboards will also highlight your kitchen’s backsplash or tiles. Of course, a good set of knives or utensils is a must.

Lynnliana has perfect serveware that leaves any kitchen sophisticated. Your guests, friends, and family will enjoy using the beautiful serveware. It also compliments wooden serving boards of any finish.

Apart from making your kitchen look good, beautiful serveware is perfect for gifting a friend or a relative.

  1. Play around with the Boards

Install blackboards and whiteboards in the kitchen to add glamor. Decorate them with lace and then stick pen paper to them. It’s a great place to write the menu or groceries items you need. You could also use it to leave some reminders and notes.

Making your own whiteboards takes less than 10  minutes. You need a picture frame, hammer, nail, adhesive letters, and a hot glue gun. You can customize the look depending on your kitchen’s aesthetic.

You could also use different materials such as wood, glass, or plastic to do the DIY.

  1. Add Kitchen Quotes or Family Photos

Quotes bring meaning to life as they are related to different things. Examples include music, arts, spirituality, and plants. Look for a quote related to cooking, baking, and frying. The messages could be witty,  inspiring, or personalized.

If you are not fond of quotes, you can hang your family pictures instead. This could bring up a lot of memories and motivation as you cook or bake. It could be aesthetically pleasing too.

  1. Create Decorative Shelves 

Shelves are an integral part of any kitchen. You need them to store ingredients and kitchen items like serving bowls, mugs, and recipe books. Also, you can add planters, vases, and artworks. Thus, instead of having plain ones add some decorum to elevate the kitchen outlook.

To create these shelves, collect three wood planks of the same size. Attach them to make triangular shapes, then hang the shelve on the wall. Place the items you use daily like bowls and plates. 

Make as many shelves as you desire, depending on your kitchen space. Try horizontal triangles or vertical triangles to spice up the look.

  1. DIY Kitchen Wall Decor

There are a ton of things you can do to your kitchen wall to make it pleasing. Painting your kitchen wall is excellent for adding color. It could also give your kitchen space life. However, you can opt to use wine corks and wooden letters to create typographic wall arrangements on the kitchen walls.

You can bring this to life by purchasing flat wooden letters from the local craft store. Use hot-glue to fix the wine corks to the letter’s outline. You can then fix the letters on the wall using adhesive strip paper.

Another DIY wall idea is to paint a mural on the walls using a stencil. You can also use wallpaper to achieve a mural look without going through the hustle of painting.

Also,  you can add vintage baskets to a cluster wall to add texture to the space. Depending on the baskets you choose, you can settle for a bohemian or a rustic look. 

If you have a fantastic set of pots and cookware,  why not showcase them by hanging them on the wall. These, together with the wall, will form a pleasantry view.

  1. Add Light Fixtures

Aside from the wall decors and the cabinets,  decorating your kitchen with good lighting makes a huge difference. Hanging light fixtures with unique pendants or patterned drums are a good start. The lighting fixture you choose adds a specific texture pop leaving your kitchen sophisticated.

Good lighting adds life to any kitchen. You can opt for tri-colored bulbs for more options. This way, you’ll have better control of the hue the light gives out.

  1. Incorporate Art into your Personality

Adding art to your kitchen is a great way to infuse your personality. Choose artwork that would fit into your decorating style and personality. It could be vintage, classic, or modern. It solely depends on your taste.

Vintage signs and classic advertisements also make fantastic art. Hang up a quirky portrait you’ve made yourself. Or use a vintage serving tray as a canvas to elevate the look.

Alternatively,  incorporate a  gallery wall and fill it with different art pieces. Examples include photos,  botanical prints, drawings, and postcards. Add and subtract things as time goes by. 

Final Thoughts 

The kitchen is one of the places in a household that you can easily forget to decorate. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t embark on it. Several DIY options exist, and you can try them out. Most don’t require tons of cash, thus affordable.

Infusing your personality through DIY decor would give some of the most memorable experiences. The best thing is to tweak the decor every time you desire. 


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