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All You Need to Know about Car Registration Renewal in Dubai

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The process of Car Registration in Dubai is due one year after a vehicle has been purchased. However, many people remain confused about this annual event and we hope our guide will clarify any confusion for you. A little over ten years ago when I first started working on my own as an independent contractor with some very important clients back home it all seemed so easy – but now things have changed considerably since then…  The truth here being that everything around us keeps evolving constantly; no matter what industry or sector (and even inside each specific business unit)

Process of Car Registration Renewal in Dubai:

The grace period allows vehicle owners to keep their registrations active for 30 days after they expire. If you apply renewing your license within this time frame, there will be no additional fee charg!

1: Visit the RTA website and settle all your traffic fines.

2:  If you find that your car is cover in black points, visit the Dubai Police stations to have them cleared.

3:  The best way to make sure your car is safe and legal for road use? Get it test at an assign RTA testing facility. These include Shamil, Wasel or Tasjeel – find out which one’s nearest you here!

4:  Your car will be taken for technical inspection during which it must pass all required tests in order to renew its registration. If you’re not happy with the results, then there’s nothing more that can happen until next year when everything repeats itself again!

5: When you renew your car, don’t forget that a new vehicle license card number and expiry stickers will be given to you as soon after paying the renewal fee. This way if there is an accident with this registration then at least one of these things can help identify whose fault it might have been!

Online Process of Car Registration Renewal:

You can easily renew your car registration online by visiting the RTA website or downloading their Dubai Drive app.

  • Log in to your RTA account
  • Go to the manage account option and click on licensing services
  • Click on my vehicles
  • To renew your car registration in Dubai, visit the RTA website or download their app and follow these easy steps.
  • Click on Smart Vehicle Renewal
  • Select the car make, number plate and year of the car appearing on the system
  • Make sure the email id entered is valid
  • Please also be aware that the system only records vehicles inspected by technicians. If your car has not been passed, you won’t get started with renewal!
  • Your permanent card is ready to be delivery! You can either get it sent out at an RTA centre, or you have the option of having them courier directly.
  • The vehicle will be renew automatically in three working days.


The different steps involved in getting a car registry and renewed are often confusing. In this blog, we’ve tried to simplify the process so that you can get start on your registration renewal today! We hope these tips help make it easier for you to renew your vehicle license plates with minimal stress or hassle.


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