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8 tips to save money to take flights to Australia

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Looking for a ticket to Australia? So, off you go! You must have heard great stories from people who have visited the country. It’s not for little. The attractions of this Oceanian giant are endless. There, you will have the opportunity to get to know a new culture, jaw-dropping landscapes, super high-spirited people and lots of fun.

Now, imagine being able to live, work and study in Australia. An exchange trip allows for all this, in addition to allowing you to stay longer in the country and enjoy all the riches that the land of kangaroos offers.

Did you like the idea? So, check out 8 important tips to save when buying a ticket to Australia and make the most of your money. Let’s start?

Set flight routes

Well, from the map you can see that Australia is not next door and to get there requires some flight stops, but consider this as the beginning of your adventure!

Since you’ll need to take a break first, maybe it’s possible to include other destinations and make your itinerary even more interesting. How about going across the Pacific and making that pit stop in Santiago? Or, then, Johannesburg or Dubai towards the Atlantic? Compare time and prices and have fun before you even arrive in Australia!

Choose the best airline

Now that you’ve decided where you want to go, it’s time to define how. There are many airlines that fly the route and offer different prices for tickets to Australia.

The main companies are Qantas, Latam, Qatar, Fly Emirates, Air New Zealand and South Africa. All offer excellent in-flight services. It’s up to you to choose which one best fits your needs and, of course, your pocketbook.

Compare ticket prices to Australia

The fact that there are several options for companies flying there helps to make a more detailed comparison of values and, if you are lucky, to get an unmissable promotion.

For those who intend to do an exchange program in the country, the cost of the ticket doesn’t matter that much, considering the time that the person will stay there and the benefits that these programs offer. On average, the cost of a ticket to Australia costs around AU$ 1,800.00, reaching up to AU$ 2,500.00 depending on the season.

3.1. miles program

If you have accumulated miles, even better. The money you will save with the ticket can be used for other things of interest during your stay in the country. Perfect, isn’t it?

3.2. promotions

All the time, one or another promotion appears on the airlines’ websites. Stay tuned to hook one of them and save a good change. Most sites have tools to let you know when promotions are available. So don’t be lazy and sign up your email to be reminded of all price alert opportunities.

3.3. price comparators

The comparator sites are a hand in the wheel for those who want to buy tickets. On these pages, you can simulate different dates and routes and compare the values of each company. Some of them are Skyscanner, Decolar and Maxmilhas.

Plan well in advance

That old habit of leaving everything to the last minute can weigh on your pocket in the end. The earlier you research your ticket to Australia, the luckier you will be to find better prices and settle things more calmly.

Be flexible with travel dates

If possible, it is important to be more flexible about flight dates, so that you can decide the best times and, consequently, choose the ideal conditions for your exchange trip.

New challenges

Perhaps you have reached the pinnacle of your career at the moment and want to overcome new challenges. Thus, there is nothing better than having experiences that I had not even thought of before, such as taking a new degree or undertaking. All of this can bring new vigor to your life, and you can discover skills you didn’t even know you had.


In another country, you will need to build your new network of contacts, and this can be very positive, because in addition to improving your skills with the new language, it allows you to meet interesting people and open doors to new opportunities.

You can also use your network of contacts in Brazil to increase yours in the study destination country. Today, with global communication, everything is faster and easier.

New cultures

You will be immersed in a completely new culture and this can change the way you see the world and situations. Knowing how to live with diversity is a priceless learning, especially if you choose countries that receive many foreigners or that have a close experience with other peoples, such as New Zealand and the Maori, for example.

Start a new life

One of the best things about starting from scratch is learning from what didn’t work, leaving the past behind and living a lighter and happier life. It is an opportunity to retrain as a professional and as a person – and this can be the most valuable part of the experience of moving to another country. In a new scenario, with new rules, situations and people, you can experiment and take a little more risk.

Did you realize how a fresh start can be challenging, but at the same time, thought-provoking and motivating? Of course, it will take effort and dedication to adapt to a new culture, so carefully analyze the pros and cons and make the best decision for your future.


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