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Easiest Way to Get Your Disabled Instagram Account Back

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Instagram is the most trending app nowadays. which is use to share photos and videos with colleagues, family, and friends. It is based in America and founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. 

If you are wondering about How to recover a disabled Instagram account, you have landed in the right place as here several solutions to tackle the issue will be discussed. But before that let’s understand why this occurs.


Why Instagram Account Got Disabled?

The only reason why the Instagram account is disabled can be the violation of guidelines issued by Instagram. For example, you might have posted content that is infringing the guidelines. Also, you are posting certain content on a regular basis, this will call spamming. So, spamming and guidelines violations can be the reasons why Instagram disabled your account for no reason

So, after knowing about the reasons why the Instagram account is blocked, let’s proceed to the solutions to tackle the Instagram issue.


Solutions to Recover Disabled Instagram Account

In order to have the Instagram account recovered, you may follow the below-mentioned solutions. All these solutions are already used by so many users and therefore are the sure-shot solution to the problem.


Solution 1: Directly Approach the Instagram

You must appeal for the disabled Instagram account. In order to achieve it, open up the Instagram app on your device and login into it by entering the correct username and password. Now a pop-up will come on the screen, here instead of the “OK” button click on the “Learn More” button. Afterward, you will have to follow the onscreen instructions and submit the documents related to your business or your profile. Once the documents are submitted, you will be given a time at which your Instagram account will get ready for use. 

If this solution does not work for you, do not fret and follow the below-mentioned solutions in the series.

Solution 2: Report Via Instagram Help Center

In this solution, you will have to report to the Instagram via Privacy and Safety Center. If you think your account was attacked by the hacker, report the same via the Privacy and Safety Center. Doing this will eventually help Instagram to understand your situation and you might get help from them. 

If you are lucky you will surely get the help from them else go with the other solution in the series.

Solution 3: Reach Out to Instagram Via Other Social Media

If the above-told solutions did not work for you; you may reach out to Instagram via their accounts on other social media platforms like Facebook. All you have to do is, log in to your social media account on Facebook and search for the Instagram page. In place of posting a request on the timeline, you can send a private message to them via Facebook messenger and wait for them to respond. It might take hours or days. While discussing your problem with the Instagram team, if you put a request via screenshot along with the Instagram username, it will be quite helpful.


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