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Brazilians abroad: why are the numbers growing so much?

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National economic situation

Brazil has been facing a major recession for some time now. Consumer purchasing power is greatly reduced and wages cannot keep up with rising commodity prices. The general feeling is that you work a lot for little pay and just pay the bills, with little left for travel, leisure or to invest, whether financially or in yourself.

Of course, this scenario is not exclusively Brazilian, but depending on the country chosen as the new home, it may be much less evident. It is also worth mentioning that many people prefer to have a better quality of life to the detriment of the financial factor, that is, they prefer to earn the same or less than what they earned in Brazil, but work part-time and have more time for themselves and their family.

Political scenario

The country has been going through a climate of political instability and the disregard for the population is increasing and more evident. Therefore, it is not news that our political scenario is making the situation increasingly favorable for people to decide to leave.

As we see in some published rankings, there are countries and cities that are considered the best places in the world to live, live or work, such as Melbourne in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand. This makes many people think about leaving their countries of origin and looking for places where public services work as they should and the levels of safety, work, quality education are great benefits for the population.

Professional devaluation

Many recent graduates and even people with professional training feel that their professions are not valued in the place where they live, whether in terms of adequate salaries, but also the possibility of development and career. It is common for some countries to open immigration programs aimed at professionals in specific fields in order to meet the demands that are not met by native professionals, especially in the fields of technology and health.

The level of unemployment in the country has increased significantly and professional relocation is increasingly difficult, especially for older people. Companies have increasingly demanded greater professional qualifications and professionals with an innovative profile. Thus, a greater number of people decide to study abroad, the way to upgrade their CV and conquer the much-desired vacancy.

Violence growth

Certainly, one of the biggest reasons for Brazilians to choose to leave the country is the high level of violence and crime we face daily. This aspect directly affects the quality of life of people, who no longer feel comfortable walking on the streets carrying their belongings, such as cell phones and notebooks, or even arriving home late at night.

In countries with high quality of life scores, such as New Zealand, for example, this sense of constant fear is practically unknown and people feel safe to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Even in these countries, homicide rates are very low and hardly involve ordinary people.

What are the advantages of starting from scratch?

Of course, a decision of this size is not easy to make, however, it can be crucial for you to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals. Here are some reasons to consider starting your life and career from scratch in another country.


New challenges

Perhaps you have reached the pinnacle of your career at the moment and want to overcome new challenges. Thus, there is nothing better than having experiences that I had not even thought of before, such as taking a new degree or undertaking. All of this can bring new vigor to your life, and you can discover skills you didn’t even know you had.


In another country, you will need to build your new network of contacts, and this can be very positive, because in addition to improving your skills with the new language, it allows you to meet interesting people and open doors to new opportunities.

You can also use your network of contacts in Brazil to increase yours in the study destination country. Today, with global communication, everything is faster and easier.

New cultures

You will be immersed in a completely new culture and this can change the way you see the world and situations. Knowing how to live with diversity is a priceless learning, especially if you choose countries that receive many foreigners or that have a close experience with other peoples, such as New Zealand and the Maori, for example.

Start a new life

One of the best things about starting from scratch is learning from what didn’t work, leaving the past behind and living a lighter and happier life. It is an opportunity to retrain as a professional and as a person – and this can be the most valuable part of the experience of moving to another country. In a new scenario, with new rules, situations and people, you can experiment and take a little more risk.

Did you realize how a fresh start can be challenging, but at the same time, thought-provoking and motivating? Of course, it will take effort and dedication to adapt to a new culture, so carefully analyze the pros and cons and make the best decision for your future.


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