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7 Myths About Heavy Machinery Moving

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Heavy machinery moving is one heck of a job and to be honest, it really is. Other than the sheer size of vehicle itself, the weight of load and its safety make it even more difficult of a task. However, like all subjects in the world, there are myths and exaggerations about heavy machinery moving. Hollywood has a way to portraying things in grandeur to make them look big and impressive. On screen we might see truck drivers handling huge vehicles with craft and skill as if they are dealing with a spacecraft, but we know that isn’t exactly what goes on in real. Come on!! We know big vehicles are tricky but they do not need THAT much of help. In this article, we have discussed top five myths about drivers involved in hauling. Let’s take a look.

1. Truck Drivers are Irresponsible on Road

Many times we have come across this statement about truck drivers. Maybe the wrong portrayal of truck drivers in movies is the reason behind this. But, the truth is, it is widely believed that truck drivers fail to remain as vigilant as they ought to be when they are on road. The truth is truck drivers receive serious training and are employed in companies after they have proved their competence. The employing companies keep thorough checks on all their drivers, and assign them demanding tasks only if they possess that level of expertise which is necessary for performing that job.

2. Becoming a Truck Driver Is Easy

While it might look like all a truck driver does is handle the wheel like an ordinary four-wheel vehicle, the truth is, it is not that much easy. As a matter of fact, it is far from being a piece of cake. If you think getting a driver’s license should make you eligible for driving a heavy vehicle that is outright misconception which needs to be corrected. As a matter of fact, truck drivers must have a clean driving record, as well as random drug testing record. Above all, before starting their training for a Commercial Driver’s License they must acquire a Commercial Learner’s Permit.

The Commercial driving license ensures that once you have hit the road with hefty vehicle, your dedicated concentration is there and you can sit on the wheel for a longer period of time. Talk of sitting there for a longer period of time, and you might develop backbone issues or other muscular problems. Therefore, medical report is also required for ensuring that the truckers are in the best of their health.

Other than this, truck drivers have to have a thorough knowledge of federal regulations as they deal with and around others at terminals, docks, warehouses, and other delivery and pick-up locations. Moreover, at times truckers even have to lift heavy equipment like forklifts, front-loaders, and cranes.

3. Truck Drivers have the safest job

Since truckers drive big vehicles, it is believed by majority of people that they are safe while being on road. Their job is risk-free. Well, we can only wish that to be true because once you hit the road, vehicle does not matter. A trucker is as much at risk as a car driver. Rather, being behind the wheel of a commercial truck, a truck driver is more at risk. That’s is why if you own a commercial vehicle, you may want to consider getting commercial vehicle insurance. Comprehensive vehicle insurance covers your employee and company if your commercial vehicle gets damaged in a traffic collision. A third-party business car insurance policy protects you from third-party liability in the event of property damage, physical injury, or death.

Driving a huge vehicle requires the utmost level of physical and mental level of alertness. A small negligence can lead to serious injuries. Truck divers often find themselves suffering from knee, ankle, and foot injuries. Also, due to prolonged sitting in the same posture, they develop neck and back injuries. Moreover, witnessing accidents at terminals, docks, or warehouses can become the source of serious traumatic brain injuries.

4. Being a Trucker is not a promising career

Truck drivers are the support system for keeping the economy running as they are the reason behind getting our supplies regularly. Without them there would be food shortages, waste buildup, hospitals without supplies, and even absence of fuel everywhere. Other than being the lifeline of economy, trucking is a promising career as they can make up to $60K in even their first year. It is a risky job, but with resources like workers comp, medical care, and attorney services, a wide range of benefits as well as safety measures are at the disposal of truckers.

5. No one cares about truck drivers

Well, this one has got to be untrue to its each word. Many law firms have been engaged in fighting for the benefits and compensation owed to truckers for the past 50 years. Heavy vehicle drivers deserve respect and support, which is one sure indicator that they are valuable professionals. Without them, neither economy nor the essentials of life could be ensured.

Final Words

Our team of heavy vehicle movers is highly qualified, competent and certified to take hefty machines on the road. With the right kind of training and certifications you can be completely at peace of having the most reliable hauling Sacramento. Let Lawson Inc. make heavy machinery moving hassle-free and reliable for you.


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