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5 Easy Ways to Stay Active at Work

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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When you work in an office, you will be glued to your seat and your laptop or computer. Since you are focusing on work, movement is minimised, and your posture slowly gets worse. Not only does this make you passive, but you also risk neck or back pain.

Thankfully, there are ways you can avoid this and become more active even if you are at work. With just a few tweaks and changes here and there, you can maintain good activity for your body and mind. Look through our recommendations and see how you can implement them during your working hours.

Walk More

One way that you can stay active when you are at work is to walk around more. Even before you reach the office, you can park a little further away to walk extra before sitting down for the rest of the day. Instead of playing with your phone, you can take a little walk around the office to increase your movement during breaks.

Then, you can set a goal of having 4,000 to 18,000 steps per day and track your progress using your Samsung smartwatch. With a plan and an activity tracker, you will feel more motivated when you see the numbers increase with every step you take. In addition, you will be able to reduce work stress while increasing your mental well-being, as walking can cause the release of endorphins. As a result, you can focus better and return to work with a much lighter spirit.

Stand as You Work

As mentioned earlier, you will find yourself sitting at the office for most of your day. In addition, you are also looking downwards at your laptop or computer while doing work which can cause neck and back pain. Therefore, instead of being in the same position for an extended time, you can try and do work while standing up.

You can opt to buy a stand-up desk for the office, so you can eliminate the risk of having bad posture, as well as improve blood circulation. Moreover, you can get a laptop or monitor stand, but ensure you get an adjustable one to match your line of view. Then, when you feel that the tension in your neck has alleviated, you may return to working while sitting.

Stand as You Work
Source: — Mikhail Nilov

Stretch in Between 

When you are focused on work, you cannot help yourself from hunching over and immersing yourself in your laptop. When prolonged, this can risk health problems such as carpal tunnel, neck pain, and even slipped disks. To avoid this, you can do some light stretching here and there while doing your work.

For instance, when you feel tightness in the back of your neck, it is a sign to take a short break and relieve that tension. You can do simple stretching exercises at your desk without standing up, such as the neck, shoulder, pendulum, and cross-body stretches.

When doing this stretch, you can continue doing your work on your best laptop with a much lighter tension. Also, even if you only do a few stretches for a few minutes, you can prevent the stress from becoming an even bigger problem.

Wear Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

If you want to walk around more during work, wear comfortable clothes and shoes that do not restrict your movements. For instance, wearing high heels may make walking uncomfortable after a while, or a pencil skirt may restrict your legs from moving around freely.

When you wear comfortable clothes, you can move around freely and not risk hurting yourself to look good. Moreover, comfortable outfits can still look presentable when you know how to pair your garments. If you need outfit ideas, you can always browse the internet for inspiration.

In addition, instead of heels for office wear, you can opt for something else that can give you more support. For example, you can wear pumps or loafers with a much thicker heel instead of thin heels. With this, you will not only be able to move around more painlessly, but you will also prevent any injuries.

Wear Comfortable Clothes and Shoes
Source: — cottonbro

Hydration is Key 

Hydration is essential to your day-to-day, especially when working for hours that need both physical and mental work. If you do not get enough hydration, you will get fatigued much quicker and lose focus. When you take enough water, you can be more active and focus on work more efficiently. Moreover, you can boost your energy, which impacts oxygen flow to your brain. Consequently, allowing you to immerse in work and be more focused. However, if you are  a person who enjoys working alone and in peace, you can always find comfortable office spaces in New York, Manhattan 

Having a healthy and active lifestyle takes effort and many changes. However, with small steps, you can be more energetic, even if you work a full-time job at the office. Just remember that your body knows its capabilities best, and you should always listen to what your body needs. Good luck and do not forget to have fun as you try these minor life improvements!


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