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PPC ads have the enormous advantage of guaranteeing you, if well done, a continuous and satisfying redemption. However, you need to be careful not to keep the exact same ad for too long. Because? Because the public will remember it, and will be bored. Obviously, this means that he will no longer pay attention to you.

How to prevent this from happening? It’s easier than you think and doesn’t necessarily require you to redo the ad from scratch.

So here are four tips to help you keep your PPC ads current, relevant and functional for your business.

Rotate ads indefinitely

Through the ads personalization feature you can set and plan the rotation of your campaigns. Just set an indefinite rotation of the ads, and you will avoid that the same campaign is shown over and over.

Only run ads when they make sense

If your business is hypothetically open from 10 am to 6 pm every day a week, it makes sense that your PPC ad respects this criterion as well. Therefore, avoid proposing calls to action when you cannot satisfy the requests of your users! Not only would you pay for unpaid actions, but you would lose credibility with users.

Take advantage of Ad Customizers

Take advantage of the power provided by Ad Customizers and dynamically modify the content of your ads so as to always remain relevant. The customizers allow real-time communications that may concern the number of pieces available, limited-time offers, specific information on geolocation, countdowns for the end of the promotion and so on. Using this feature is a great way to improve the redemption of your PPC campaigns.

Change the color of a line item

Just as a paint on the walls refreshes the aesthetics of a room, so changing the color of a PPC ad can help make it more visible and interesting. Obviously, this color change will have to be substantial enough to stand out – so don’t limit yourself to a slight nuance of the original gradient!

These simple tips can be particularly useful in remarketing campaigns, where the same users are prompted by the same ads over and over again.

The need to maintain PPC campaigns is a real problem: don’t underestimate it!



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