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What skills does a UI/UX designer need?

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UI and UX designing is key in every service related and product selling businesses. Although the definitions are not entirely different, the process of UI and UX design has its differences, for example while UX deals with a user’s journey from start to finish and solves a problem. UI designers entirely focus on the product’s look, design, and feels. This is a highly popular stream and jobs for experienced professionals with the right skills will take their careers to new heights. Thinking of enrolling on a UI UX course? 

Read on to know what skills you require first to hone your skills.

  • Impeccable research skills

To succeed as a UX or UI developer, candidates need to upswing their research skills as a lot of their duties involve studying various aspects of an application or a website before making any UX decisions that are finalized for implementation. For an app to be successful, UX designers must have the ability of understanding their audience. 

  1. Collaboration

UI/UX experts and designers must have the skill to work and collaborate with professionals with different expertise levels in order to get through the design process. Collaboration is one of the key skills in UX designing and with great communication skills earned through the same, and communicate effectively with the clients and stakeholders to make the product finalized. 

  1. Wireframing and UI prototyping

 You need to flaunt your UX skills to convince people how proficient you are in all the key skills – prototyping, wireframing etc. A wireframe is simply a layout of a web page that prioritizes the key elements of the page as per the needs and ease of customers to navigate, whereas a prototype is a sample or a simulation of the final product that’s used for testing trails and feedback collection. 

  1. Visual designing and design softwares

UI and UX designers must be proficient in using visual design softwares like Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. in order to create the visuals or graphics for the product they are designing. Keeping updated and understanding the use of the latest softwares and topics – – icons, color theory, design theory, typography etc. 

  1. User research and usability testing

To make a successful and saleable product which meets the market requirements, professionals need to know the best they can about the user. They are the ones researching development for most of their time. Conducting the right user testability and user research will ensure designers to make the best prototypes and the perfect product.

What are you waiting for now? Enroll on a program today and get started in this exciting field of work. 

UX designer technical skills

A key part of the product development process is envisioning how the final product will look. Depending on the stage of development, designers can focus on creating wireframes, mockups, user flows, and low or high-fidelity prototypes. These are one of the most crucial UX designer skills.

  • Low-fidelity prototypes are often sketched on paper, prohibiting interaction, whereas high-fidelity prototypes are usually computer-based and allow interaction with the product. 
  • A mockup is a realistic model of the final web page or an application.
  • User flow is a diagram that maps each step taken by a user while using a service or a product.


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