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SEO strategy: let’s rediscover the importance of content curation

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Content curation: what it is and why it matters

In a period in which online positioning can be a decisive factor in driving sales or not and in which Google is reviewing which are the most important ranking factors, making sure that your website has quality content is essential. In this context, content curation fits , an activity as important as the creation of textual content from scratch.

What is content curation

Content curation is an activity of rewriting and informative enrichment of the texts present on a website. It is not a question of writing the text from scratch, but – in most cases – of an extension and deepening.

There are several reasons that may lead to wanting to integrate content curation into one’s digital marketing strategy:

  • Extend existing texts: this first possibility is one of the most frequent, especially if your site has been put online without the help of a content marketer or an SEO copywriter who wrote content of a length that favors indexing.
  • SEO optimization : when the texts are long enough, but do not have the keywords necessary to favor the positioning, then content curation is the ideal solution; is an important step in an SEO strategy.
  • Change information : if the business has changed or a content is no longer current it can be resumed and modified, without having to be completely demolished.

Content curation can be performed both on institutional texts of the site (such as the homepage, the services page or the team presentation page), and on those published in the magazine or blog section of your site. In this second case, the activity is particularly appreciated by the search engine that appreciates and rewards the contents already present online that are lengthened and deepened.

How is content curation done?

Content curation is an activity that is carried out by an SEO Specialist together with a content marketing expert or SEO copywriter. In particular, the first figure deals with:

  • identify the pages to review : the first step is to select the pages that need to be subjected to content curation. In this sense, the SEO Specialist can evaluate not only the length of the content, but also and above all its positioning. Using specific analysis tools, he proceeds with the analysis of the texts, identifying which are better positioned, which can be improved and which should be completely revised and corrected. From the outset, therefore, it is evident that content curation is not an activity that can be carried out in an improvised way, but requires technical and specific skills.
  • selection of keywords to be included in the text : once the pages to be reviewed have been chosen, we move on to identifying the keywords to be included in the text to make the text more attractive to the search engine. The keyword research can be performed both by the SEO Specialist and by the content marketer / SEO copywriter who will review the content.
  • Real content curation : at this point the text, with the set of keywords, is delivered to the content marketer or SEO copywriter who proceeds with the revision and optimization of the text. The starting content is not totally upset, but is used as a starting point to be able to create a second more interesting version for positioning on Google.

The benefits of content curation

Using content curation means using a very powerful tool to improve the content of a text already published online. In fact, this kind of activity has some advantages, including:

  • Give uniformity of texts : content curation is an opportunity to standardize the texts of the site or blog from a stylistic point of view, increasing the level of coherence (and overall credibility) of the brand.
  • Improvement of the SEO positioning of the page : the improvement of the ranking of the page subject to content curation is certainly one of the most consistent advantages. In fact, if the activity is carried out in a workmanlike manner, the new text of the page containing all the selected keywords will go up in the search results.
  • Increase in site traffic : the natural consequence of SEO optimization of the content is an improvement in the overall performance of the site. The pages that have been revised, in fact, will present new keywords that will be positioned on the search engine, increasing the traffic on the site; that’s why content curation is an effective SEO strategy not to be overlooked.
  • Improvement of the user experience : among the advantages of content curation there is also the improvement of the experience of the user browsing your site. The texts, in fact, are enriched with content, deepened and updated and, consequently, become even more relevant in the eyes of the reader.

Content Curation, when to do it?

Now that you understand what content curation is and what advantages it can bring to your site, let’s see what are the cases in which it is strongly recommended:

  • Texts that are not very current : a first case in which content curation is really necessary is when the texts are no longer current. Just to cite an example: imagine that you are a user and you are reading content in which you write anachronistic and inaccurate information, which makes the content dated. In this case it is essential to intervene in order to always make your texts fresh and performing. But be careful: this obviously does not apply to information sites or newspapers.
  • Texts too short : Although Google places increasing importance on vocal search, images and videos, the length of the text is still a determining factor. By this I do not mean that a long text must necessarily be well done or optimized: I mean, instead, that too short contents are not exhaustive and allow you to position few keywords. The result? Users and Google will not judge that text as authoritative.
  • Texts that are too long and not well organized : it may seem absurd, but also texts that are too long can generate problems from a graphic point of view and not only. In this case, content curation is fundamental because, through it, the texts are reorganized, divided into paragraphs and made more usable by users.
  • Texts that do not rank : when the text does not rank on the search engine, it must be revised and optimized with a new keyword research. In this case, the support of an expert seo copywriter can make a real difference.

Does your site need content curation? Keep in touch

If you believe that some pages on your site need to be revised, you can count on SEO Leader to improve your SEO strategy. Thanks to years of experience in the digital marketing sector, I have refined the technique and learned in the field to better interpret the Google algorithm. Contact me for a free 1 hour SEO consultation and you can start a new chapter of your search engine rankings.

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