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What Does a Telemarketer Do? Everything to Know

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Did you know that the US telemarketing industry is worth $23.9 billion?

Telemarketing is a great career choice that requires minimal qualifications, can be flexible, and pay a fair salary. But, before quitting your day job and pursuing a career in telemarketing, it’s best to do your research.

So, what does a telemarketer do? We’re here to review the day-to-day remit of the job, the skillsets and training needed, and some extra information that’ll be valuable for you to know before committing to this career.

Read on to find out more.

What Does a Telemarketer Do?

Telemarketing is a method of marketing and sales done over the phone. Telemarketers spend their days calling customers, following up on deals, making sales, and sending emails.

Some telemarketing roles start with cold calling customers; others just respond after a customer has expressed interest.

Although many calls aren’t successful, telemarketers live for the adrenaline of securing a new customer, contract, or sale.

Skills and Training Required for Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a job that requires more soft skills than hard skills. You’ll be taught everything you need to know about the product and company during the onboarding process, as a rule of thumb.

The skills that a recruiter will look out for when they hire a telemarketer are soft skills.

A telemarketer must be resilient; you’ll be rejected regularly in any sales role. Thus, you need to take this in your stride, learn from it, and carry on with a calm head.

Additionally, you need to be a good listener and have stellar persuasion skills. The fundamental style of telemarketer calls includes listening to the customer’s needs and spinning your product to fit that need.

Finally, you’ll need to be great at multitasking, have good attention to detail, and understand the basic concepts of sales.

Benefits of Being a Telemarketer

Although you’ll face rejection and the role is somewhat repetitive, there are some serious benefits to working as a telemarketer.

First, as long as you have a laptop, phone signal, and an internet connection, you can usually work from anywhere you like. Next, the salary of a telemarketer is usually reasonably average, but with highly lucrative commissions based on performance.

Finally, the main benefit that most sales and telemarketers talk about is the rush of endorphins and adrenaline each time they make a sale!

Your Next Career Move: Telemarketing

No more wondering, ‘What does a telemarketer do?’, because now you know. Whether you’re just leaving school and looking for your first job or you’re looking for a career change, telemarketing could be an excellent option.

This should definitely be your next move if you want a flexible role with lucrative incentive schemes and on-the-job training. There’s no shortage of telemarketing jobs out there, so get ahead and start applying today!

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