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What Can You Do to Pass a Drug and Alcohol Test Easily? 

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The most often utilized drug testing is urine drug tests. They’re simple to use, interpret, and administer, and they’re pretty accurate. They can screen for alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, opioids, and benzodiazepines, among other substances. But the silver lining is that, apart from marijuana, all drugs will be out of your system within a week. Alcohol is usually not identified if you don’t drink within 24 hours after a test. 

Nevertheless, drug testing is an unavoidable reality for many employees. Even if you only smoke once in a while, a positive test might cost you your job, as unfair as it seems. On the good side, most employers are required to give you adequate notice of a drug test. This should allow you plenty of time to detox, either naturally or with one of the various detox solutions available. 

So let’s consider some approaches for passing these tests. 

What’s The Duration of THC in The Body?

Passing a drug and alcohol test is dependent on a variety of circumstances. To begin with, the amount and frequency with which you consume marijuana will determine how long THC and its metabolites remain in your bloodstream. In as little as five days, first-time users might remove all THC. If you’re a strong user, though, its metabolites are discoverable d up to 90 days after your last session. But in most cases, THC can remain between 1 to 30 days your system after the previous session.  

Your lifestyle, weight (fat cells are storage sites for cannabinoids), and, of course, the strength of your bud all influence how quickly you metabolize THC. THC metabolites can show up in various drug tests after variable durations of time. 

A saliva test, for example, may only detect THC metabolites for up to 24 hours. Yet, a blood test may identify them up to a week after they’ve been smoked. In addition, THC metabolites are detectable through hair and urine tests for up to 90 days, depending on consumption. 

How to Pass a Short Notice Drug Test 

The option at your disposal may not be many of you partake in an on-the-spot drug test. This is especially true if your saliva, blood, or hair is used in the trial. However, if you have at least a few days’ notices, urine tests may be slightly simpler to pass. Fortunately, because these tests are inexpensive and straightforward to administer, they are the most widely used among employers. 

There are several detox solutions on the market, some of which promise to work in as little as 24 hours. If you don’t have time to purchase online, you may always go to your local head store with several detox brands on hand. 

Ask for their strongest detoxifier, but don’t explain why you require it because drug detox kits aren’t strictly authorized for selling in stores; the less information you provide, the better. 

In case that proves unhelpful, there are a few more tactics and tips you might attempt to ace a short-notice drug test in one day. Regardless, bear in mind that none of these is guaranteed to work. The only definite method to pass a drug test is to abstain for the required amount of time. 

5 Tips to Pass a Drug Test 

These hacks will emphasize pee tests because they are the most prevalent and simplest to ‘cheat.’ Without any more delays, the following are five methods for passing a short-notice drug: 

Don’t Exercise 

According to some studies, exercise might increase THC quantity in your urine by causing fat cells to release it. Despite the lack of clear proof, it is a good idea to avoid activity in the hours coming up to your test. Even if it doesn’t work, you won’t have lost anything by giving it a shot, so it has to be worth a try. 

Use a Diuretic 

Diuretics are drugs that increase urination and aid in the removal of pollutants. Caffeine and cranberry juice are common diuretics, but you may also buy over-the-counter medications to aid with water retention in postmenstrual women. 

More potent diuretics are accessible through prescription and could be your best bet if you need to take a drug test quickly. These, however, are not widely available and may pose a risk to those with some medical issues. As a result, natural and over-the-counter alternatives are far safer. 

Hydrate Excessively 

You can make it more challenging to detect THC metabolites by diluting your urine as much as possible. However, it would be best not to do so by adding water to your sample, as laboratories are aware of this method and would detect it. When you pass it along, your sample’s temperature is also a dead giveaway. Temperatures should range from 91 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit (32 to 36 degrees Celsius). 

On the day before your test, dilute your pee by consuming plenty of additional water (4–6 pints). If at all feasible, schedule your examination for the afternoon so you may drink another 2–4 beers before the exam. 

The secret to this tip is to take a vitamin B pill in addition to hydrating frequently. With this, your urine should have a golden hue and prevent it from looking suspiciously clear. And whatever you do, don’t take a sample from your first pee of the day. It will have increased THC metabolite levels, considerably reducing your chances of passing your screening test.  

Avoid Stress 

An unexpected drug test will undoubtedly increase your stress levels. However, before your test, you should strive to be as calm as possible. THC Fat cells release THC with a hormone stimulated by stress called adrenocorticotropic hormone, according to a 2009 research. 

Before your test, try to relax by listening to soothing music, breathing deeply, or completing a little meditation. 

Final Thoughts 

You’d be excused for worrying if a surprise drug test caught you off guard, but remember to remain calm. The tricks to boost your chances of passing the test are few, especially if you consume cannabis on occasion. Instead, drink copious amounts of water, and if there’s time, use a detox product or diuretic to aid the process.  

Unfortunately, being drug-free is the only method to ensure that you pass a drug test. If this isn’t possible, attempt to postpone your trial as long as possible. This will give you more time to flush out any toxins and improve your chances of passing. 



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