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6 Tips for adopting a dog or puppy

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Not only is it enough to want to receive an animal in your home.

Although in recent months, the number of adoptions of dogs has been increasing, it is necessary to consider some aspects when receiving a pet in your home.

A dog can change the life of whoever decides to adopt it , but if you do not take into account who will feed it , whether it is sterilized or not or who will take it for a walk, it is possible that it can disrupt family dynamics.

In fact, many of the dogs that roam the streets today were abandoned by their masters who, at the time of receiving them, did not take into account any of these factors.

That is why it is necessary that you act with responsibility and take stock of how your home works and if you and your family are willing to modify their routines for the puppy that comes into your life.

Tips when adopting a dog

Here are some recommendations that you can keep in mind if you are thinking of adopting a dog or a puppy.

  1. Ask yourself why you want to adopt

It may be a no-brainer but many people don’t ask themselves this question before adopting a dog or are considering it because they have children at home. Keep in mind that these animals are for life.

  1. Do not fall in love only with the face

Try to find out as much as you can about the puppy’s past, if you adopt a stray, or about the breed if it’s a puppy. There is no maluco dog, they are a mass of hair made of love, but if you do not prepare, you may end up freaking out if you do not understand their character.

  1. Make sure you have the space, time and resources to dedicate to the new member of your family.

If your idea is to adopt a large dog and you do not have enough space, you and your dog may suffer more since in small spaces they can cause damage because, generally, they are animals that have a lot of energy and strength.

Also, you have to have time to take them for a walk because they need to use their energy playing and running in an open space.

On the other hand, if you are going through difficult financial difficulties and you are thinking about adopting, it is good that you budget and make the decision based on real figures. Note that you have to have money available for vaccines, sterilization, food, wormers, flea, toys and strap.

  1. Sterilizing is caring.

Adopting a dog that is not sterilized or not taking it for this procedure will bring you problems at home and the consequences if you become pregnant or impregnate a dog can be dire if you do not have resources, space or time to dedicate them.

  1. Dog education

If you receive a puppy in your home, in addition to time to take care of it, you have to bear in mind that you must teach it certain rules so that its stay is not a nightmare. To relieve themselves during walks, socialize with other dogs, not chew on furniture or not eat human food are basic rules to take care of your house and your dog at the same time.

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On the contrary, if you do not have time, it is pertinent that you consider taking it to a school or paying a trainer.

  1. He is another member of the family

If you and your family are going to go on a trip, keep in mind that there should always be someone who can give you the care you need. For this, there are private nurseries and walkers who can give you a hand.

Likewise, it is important that you learn to identify changes in his behavior or in his habits since this may indicate that he is sick and must be taken to the vet.


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