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What Are the Different Types of Movie Genres That Exist Today?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Are you scrolling through Netflix looking for something new to watch? There are hundreds of feature films released every year, and that doesn’t include indie movies (which are often the best ones). You have too many options!

When you’re hunting for your next film, why not narrow it down by genre? All movie streaming apps have plenty of types of movie genres to choose from.

Here are a few of our favorite movie genres in 2022.


Action and adventure movies are some of the most common types of movies that hit the big screens. Because of their intensity, you’ll get the best experience out of watching them in a movie theater. 

Action movies can be broken down into plenty of categories. Jumanji is as much of an action movie as The Fast and the Furious despite them being very different. 

In a time when western movies are no longer popular, some people may consider westerns to be action and adventure movies, even if western shows like Bonanza have more “dramatic” elements.


Comedies are perhaps the most popular movies in 2022. Like action movies, they come in enough varieties that there’s something for everyone. From animated comedies for children to raunchy comedies for adults, there’s always something to laugh at.

A popular subgenre of comedy is “romantic comedy,” which also incorporates the less common “romance” genre. 


Horror movies tend to be cult favorites. The people who love them really love them, but the people who hate them keep their distance.

Horror isn’t all the same. For a film to be a horror film, it has to elicit fear, disgust, or discomfort in the audience. Not all horror films include supernatural elements.

Some people would consider Bong Joon-ho’s movie, Parasite, a horror movie even though it only reveals “real life” horrors. Others would only consider movies like The Exorcist horror movies.


While some people conflate sci-fi (science fiction) and horror movies, the two don’t have to be the same. Some sci-fi movies are also horror movies, but many are not.

Science fiction incorporates elements that are futuristic or otherworldly, but not totally beyond the realm of possibility. They’re often set on other planets or parallel universes and they use concepts like time travel, extraterrestrial life, and futuristic technologies.

Popular sci-fi movies include the Star Wars series and the Star Trek series, though there are plenty of cult classics. 


The popularity of the fantasy genre comes and goes in waves. During the time of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, fantasy was a hot topic in the film industry. Now, most fantasy options are either animated movies or television shows. 

Fantasy movies incorporate magical elements. They may use pre-existing folklore and myths to create new and exciting worlds. 

What Are Your Favorite Types of Movie Genres?

These are just a few types of movie genres that are popular in 2022. There’s no one best movie genre, even if die-hard fans would say otherwise. 

What’s your favorite film genre? 

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