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What Are the Best Types of Flowers to Send?

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Trying to send a special someone something special?

Flowers make a great gift or surprise for almost anyone in your life. They can convey love, friendship, and many other feelings. But you also don’t want to send the wrong message.

Choosing the types of flowers to send someone can be tricky, so check out some of these great choices and what they can mean to be better informed before you click “send.”


When sending flowers to a loved one, roses are an excellent choice. They are classic and beautiful and can go with many occasions including Valentine’s Day, success in a career or life goal, a birthday, or an anniversary. Roses are one of the most romantic flowers and symbolize love.

You can also use roses as a part of a bigger bouquet, so they aren’t the only flower present. Check out 800Florals for some ideas on what that looks like.


If you’re ordering flowers to brighten someone’s day, you can’t go wrong with sunflowers. Sunflowers can symbolize the sun, happiness, and loyalty. They make a great surprise gift any time of year and will look great in a vase for quite a while.


Some of the best flowers to send are tulips. They are very popular and many people claim them as a favorite flower. They work well in arrangements with other kinds of flowers as well a beautiful bouquet all their own.

Tulips come in all kinds of colors, so if you’re trying to send a specific message be aware of flower etiquette and what they mean. White tulips can signify an apology, while red is romantic and purple means royalty.


Carnations also come in a wide variety of colors, and when you’re ordering flowers they make a great choice. They last a long time in a vase and keep their vibrant color well. You can give them as a bouquet or even get a few to brighten up someone’s home or day.

Carnations can mean different things with their colors as well. Pink can mean admiration, white for love or luck, and dark red for love.


Orchids are beautiful, elegant flowers that you typically have delivered in a pot so they can be kept alive and continue to grow and bloom. They are some of the best flowers to give as a gift, but if you give them to keep alive make sure the recipient has a green thumb.

Orchids can symbolize hope, luck, and, of course, love. You can give them as a git to a friend or as a romantic gesture.

Gifting All Types of Flowers

Generally, most all types of flowers are an excellent choice when you’re looking to surprise someone and show them you care. Although many flowers have meanings you might not be aware of, you can give someone a bouquet with many flowers included and write your own message for them.

So pick a beautiful bouquet today to let someone know how you feel. And if this helped you better understand the meaning of flowers, keep reading for more interesting info.


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