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Interesting Facts About Boudoir Photography

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The body has found itself subject of every art style since time immemorial. The shapes and sizes of the human figure have long remained a way to express beauty, desire, and power. What helped catapult this subject matter into the public eye more recently was boudoir photography.

A sad fact, though, is that almost 80% of women feel insecure about their bodies due to images on television and social media.

Although the thought of photography that captures the body might be a nightmare to some, its intention is the opposite. Take a look at the history and intention of boudoir photography to understand why.

A Brief History of Boudoir Photography

Nowadays, the bedroom is the most common place associated with the word boudoir. The lost translation from the original French meaning is more cultural than technical, though.

A boudoir was a special room reserved for the woman of the house. It connected to the bedroom in some way and served as a private place for the woman.

There’s an air of mystery and intrigue that surrounds the concept itself. A woman’s private domain, a realm only accessed by her express invitation. It was a place that was hers, where she could be her unapologetic self.

The Essence of Modern Boudoir Photography

It’s this magical place that the concept of boudoir photography was born—birthed by an American photographer named Albert Arthur Allen and his nude photography.

He had first started these nude shoots in the 1920s, where it was far from being acceptable to do such things. The photography was not intended to be lewd, though. The intention was to capture a woman’s natural beauty, something that photography had become more and more interested in.

The body in boudoir photography could almost be called an expression rather than an object. Figures like Marilyn Monroe encapsulated the essence of boudoir photography. Oozing charm and personality in her photographs.

Capturing Your Authentic Self

Since those early days of banned photography and sexual liberation, boudoir photography has come a long way. It’s no longer something that is spoken about in hushed tones or reserved for celebrity-caliber figures.

Now women from all walks of life consider booking a boudoir photo shoot. Sometimes the purpose is for a special occasion, but it isn’t reserved only for that.

Staying true to the roots of capturing authenticity, boudoir photography is so much more.

Mainstream television and social media flood with an almost-plastic example of beauty. No matter what you look like, it can feel like an impossible standard to hold yourself to.

That doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful, though. In the case of boudoir photography, it doesn’t mean that you need to fit a certain image or mold. Look at the beauty of plus size boudoir photography if you had any doubts.

Feeling Good About Your Body

Boudoir photography can be a vehicle for confidence, for self-assuredness. It can be a new lens through which to see your beauty. That’s why so many women enjoy a boudoir photoshoot, it allows them to see themselves in a new light.

It doesn’t even need to be something shared with other people. It can be something for yourself, for your state of mind.

Your body is something that should make you happy! Just like our blog, which you should keep reading if you’re interested in topics like this and more!


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