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What Are the Best Types of Doors for Business Premises?

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In 2020, the global door market reached a value of $140.5 billion.

This growth has come hand in hand with advancements in the types of doors available. There are various options when it comes to materials, structures, locking mechanisms, and more.

If you want to know more about the best types of doors available for your business, keep reading.

Door Materials

The chosen material is one of the most important aspects of a door. It determines the look as well as the properties of the door, so the given application will determine which material is most suitable.


The most common door material for commercial buildings, steel provides excellent strength and durability. When security is a factor, steel is the best material available.

Steel doors serve well as both interior and exterior doors.


Wooden doors are usually chosen for their appearance over their function. These are most often seen when a wooden door fits the theme of the business.

Wood is a more common choice for interior doors, as they might not stand up well to the elements when used externally.


Fiberglass can be a suitable material for external doors. It’s very durable, even more so than steel, and requires very little maintenance. A layer of insulation is usually contained in fiberglass doors, and they can often be customized to look exactly how you want them to.

Depending on the aesthetic you are looking for, fiberglass may not be best here. It can mimic other materials such as wood, but the difference is sometimes quite noticeable.


The main appeal of glass doors is the aesthetic. They look good and allow people to see directly inside the business. Glass doors are a popular choice for retail establishments as they allow people passing by to see what the shop has to offer.

Glass doors are also popular inside buildings such as offices. A conference room can benefit from glass doors as people can easily see if the room is in use. They also help to make meeting rooms and other spaces look bigger.

The main downside of glass doors is their fragility. Due to the amount of traffic passing through, it is common for these doors to have thick frames that help prevent shattering. Glass doors also tend to require more maintenance than other types. To avoid any problems with this type of door, especially if it is a commercial door, it is best to hire a professional door repair service provider who can conduct regular preventative maintenance. Also, you can prefer Padlocks that make your business premises safe.

Other Considerations

While the material is the most important consideration in many circumstances, there are other factors that need to be considered. There is a range of possibilities with commercial doors, and there may be certain limitations that will affect your choice.

Door Structure

While most doors operate on a hinge, you may want to go for a different approach. Sliding doors can help you save space, and they are a more popular choice for automatic doors.

If you install a sliding door, you want it to slide smoothly and quietly. Using a metal track with rollers can help achieve this, and high-quality systems can resist chemical degradation and swelling when exposed to moisture.

Revolving doors are another option. These give a very luxurious feel, which is why they are a popular choice for hotels.

Types of Door Locks

Security is paramount, so locks are something you need to think about before making your decision. Bolted doors are simple yet effective. The downside of these is that they generally need to be locked and unlocked from the inside.

Having a key lock system may be a better choice, or more advanced locking systems can be implemented if you want a superior level of security. Also, prefer good quality Door Locks that make your home more secure and safe.

The Best Types of Doors for a Business

The nature of your business and your specific needs are the main factors when it comes to finding the best types of doors for you.

Do you need to maintain a certain appearance? Is maintenance an issue? What level of security do you need?

These are the kind of questions you should ask before making your choice. If you’re interested in more business and tech articles, check out some of our other blog posts.


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