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5 Types of Employee Training Programs

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What is an employee training program?

Employee training programs aim to give employees the tools and knowledge they need to carry out their duties while contributing to the overall purpose and success of the company.

Do you want your employees to learn a different skill set that will help them perform their daily duties efficiently? Do you hope to improve overall performance and avoid violations of rules and regulations pertaining to the job?

Any employee training program guide will tell you that you should choose the programs that lead to a more productive workforce, one with better communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Training programs can be very helpful to employees. Keep reading to learn more about the five different types of employee training programs here.

1. Orientation Training

When you hire new employees, orientation training is paramount to teaching them the basics of their new roles in the company. It teaches basic organizational information, addresses questions, and gives them the foundation they need to be successful in their position within the company.

2. Compliance Training

When getting employee training program tips, compliance training is probably top on the list. This training is mandated most of the time by legislation, policy, or regulation. Your employees have to know the laws, rules, and regulations to be compliant while doing the job and avoid risks.

Compliance training programs educate employees so they’re conducting themselves properly and in a legal manner. This helps keep everyone safe and your reputation intact.

3. Leadership Training

Many employees hope to grow with the company. They want to be elevated to higher positions. Offering leadership training gives them the opportunity to learn how and what it takes to be true leaders.

Learn the benefits of corporate training programs. Develop more leaders, improve communication, build relationships, and more with employee training programs.

4. Franchise Training

When you own a franchise, the processes and products must remain consistent with all of the franchises. This can be difficult as products and processes change quite often but teams come from headquarters to provide training as needed.

5. Product Training

What does your company sell? Your employees need to be very knowledgeable about the goods and services you offer. Have you ever asked an employee a question about something and they have nothing to offer? It can be quite frustrating.

The goal of the training is to give employees the knowledge they need to answer any question about your products.

Types of Employee Training: Which Ones Will You Use?

Now that you’ve seen a sample of the different types of employee training programs, you can choose the ones that will be of most benefit to your company and your employees. Think about training programs that will help with the long-term plans for your organization, not just short-term goals.

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