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What Are Active Adult Communities? And Why Seniors Love Them

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Relocating to an active retirement community is the best way to bring positive changes in your life as you grow older. An active senior community is a facility that provides independent housing, care and help to active adults aged 55 years and above.

These communities are usually in the form of condos or apartments which have all been specifically built with accessibility in mind. Here are just a few reasons why seniors love active adult communities.

Why Seniors Love Active Adult Communities

Sense Of Community

Generally, we tend to associate with individuals closer to our age. When you live in an active adult community, your neighbors will be people in the same age group, making it easier to create new friendships close to home.

Seniors enjoy a common mindset when it comes to common courtesy and a living environment. You don’t have to worry about a noisy neighbor because everyone around is old and wants peace as you do. An active adult community provides a sense of engagement by advocating for the same causes and looking for opportunities that encourage sharing (see more at

Low Maintenance Costs

Regardless of age, maintenance can be very intimidating if you are a homeowner. You have to take care of the landscape, mow your lawn, maintain daily cleaning and keep up with utilities like internet and cable.

This is an unnecessary burden for seniors who want to focus their energy on other things, like relaxing and resting. An accommodating active adult community will handle such tasks for the residents and ensure they have less responsibility for caring for the home and utility bills.

Resort Style Amenities

When it comes to an active adult community, be assured of amenities and activities customized for active seniors to help them enjoy their lifestyle. Most communities have a clubhouse on-site with organized classes and activities. These include cookouts, socials, card games, and exercise classes.

Another great element is the resort-style amenities. These include park areas for picnics, tennis courts, fitness centers, and pool areas.

Built For Seniors

Builders who build these neighborhoods provide appealing features to senior home buyers. These homes have more living space than average homes with increased energy efficiency. Active adult community houses have well-thought structures with an easy evacuation plan and wider doorways. There is increased safety in mind with features that increase fall prevention.

Safety And Security

When living in an active adult community, the sidewalks, common areas, and streets are designed to provide extra security for seniors. Neighbors know each other, so it’s easy to spot someone who doesn’t belong there. In case of an emergency, there is a hotline you can call to get help immediately.


As you grow old, staying alone can be intimidating and can possibly affect your mental and physical health. Joining an active adult community can help fight loneliness and live with people of the same age. These communities have resort-style amenities that ensure you are always engaged with something interesting with people who understand you.


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