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Know Where to Watch Gullak Season 3 Web Series Online

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If you are searching on the web for Gullak season 3 watch, then you must be fond of the Family comedy-drama genre and have seen prior seasons of Gullak and are eagerly waiting for the season.

Are we correct?

We knew it! That’s why we have prepared this in-depth article for you in which you will learn about all the aspects and dimensions of Gullak season 3 such as its cast and crew members, the release date of Gullak season 3 as well as where you can stream and watch Gullak season 3 online free.

So, let’s get into it, without making you wait for more.

First, let’s check out the cast and crew members of Gullak season 3 and see if there are any new additions or replacements in the cast of the Gullak team in season 3.

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Gullak Season 3 Cast Members

These are the main star cast of the Gullak Season 3.

  • Jameel Khan
  • Geetanjali 
  • Kulkarni
  • Vaibhav raj Gupta
  • Harsh Mayar
  • Sunita Rajwar
  • Shivankit Singh Parihar.

Now that you have met with cast members of Gullak season 3, now it’s time we should take a glance at the number of episodes and length present in the Season 3 of Gullak.

Episode Index of Gullak Season 3

There are a total of 5 episodes in Gullak season 3 and each episode is above 23 minutes. We have listed all the five-episode below with title and time duration, so you can easily check out the episodes of Gullak season 3.

  • Mission Admission – 31:00 min
  • LTA – 23:00 min
  • Agua – 38:00 min
  • Satya Narayan Katha – 27:00 min
  • Izzat ki Chamkaar – 41:00 min

Release date of Gullak Season 3

Now we have come to the exciting section of the article, the release date of Gullak season 3 which is the 7th of April 2022, from this date you will be able to stream and watch the family comedy-drama called Gullak’s new season.

Now, it is very apparent that a question must be popping up in your mind about where to watch the new season of Gullak. To know that, you have to come with us to the next section.

Where to watch Gullak season 3?

Gullak is a creation of TVF and has been associated with SonyLiv, so you will be able to watch Gullak season 3 on the SonyLiv platform, for you have to own a subscription to SonyLiv.


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