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Vastu for Home: How It Can Help You

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We often waste our time googling stuff like Vastu consultant online, Best astrologer in India, Vastu tips for home, etc., just to find happiness and peace at our home and spend hours on Astrology sites.

We all want a good and joyful environment at home. We pay close attention to every detail, yet we overlook Vastu principles, negatively impacting our lives. What is Vastu Shastra, and how does it work? Energy is very important in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra agrees with this fact, as contemporary science reveals that we are all made out of energy. This energy envelops us and resides both within and outside of us. Cosmic Energy is the name given to this unseen energy. Any imbalance in this energy caused by Vastu Defects has bad consequences and brings trouble into our lives. We all need to follow appropriate Vastu to live a happy and wealthy life.

Here are Some Vastu tips for your home to find the ultimate happiness

  • Every home should have a puja room. The direction to the northeast is the most promising. However, the debate over whether you should face the divine direction or the idols should face it continues. Here’s the solution: while praying, one should face northeast.
  • You must light a lamp near the house’s water pot every evening to bring good fortune.
  • Water fountains and artwork showing water should be oriented north or east. It will bring you success, fortune, and happiness in your life.
  • In Vastu, the main door is essential. All doors should open to the inside. Also, make sure the door hinges do not generate any noise. To keep them quiet, grease them regularly.
  • If the room wall has a beam going through it, ensure the bed isn’t beneath it. It is not a healthy situation.
  • There should not be five angles in a room’s ceiling. If your room is built this way, you can use bamboo flutes or miniature pyramids to counteract the negative impacts.
  • The house’s northeast direction should be maintained closed. Make the place feel more air friendly. The optimal direction for storing heavy things is south or southwest.
  • In Vastu, the toilet is a contentious aspect of the house. The toilet seat should face north-south when not in use, and it should be closed when not in use.
  • Almirahs and mattresses should be placed against the South-West wall and set back from the North-East wall.
  • Keep your face towards the northeast or east while drinking water. This is a fantastic Vastu health tip.
  • A large mirror on the north or north-east wall of the dining room should attract wealth and prosperity.
  • One should sleep with his head looking south in the house’s southwest corner.
  • Place a red lamp or build a red light for fame and fortune in the south.
  • Photos of a couple or family should be placed in the southwest direction to improve love, bonding, and relationships.
  • Children should study with their backs to the north to succeed in their exams.
  • Bachelors who want to get married should remain in rooms facing north-west or have peony flowers in the drawing-room facing south-west.
  • Keep cash in drawers manufactured in the north and add a mirror within the drawer to double your good luck.
  • Crystal wind chimes should be placed on bedroom windows to prevent domestic violence and difficulties among family members.
  • Always keep a clear area in the centre of your home for energy to flow freely. This is vital for a happy home environment and good health and prosperity.
  • In front of the bed these things should not be placed: mirror or television. Don’t look in the mirror when you’re in bed because it might lead to conflicts and other domestic issues.
  • Painting your bedroom walls in neutral or earthy colours will give off a nice vibe. Painting your walls black is not a good idea.
  • Avoid having a temple, water paintings, or a fountain in your bedroom if you want to avoid emotional outbursts.
  • To create an oasis of quiet, use mood lighting and scented oils.


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