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Top Software Development Tools to Use in 2022

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Software development is a complex procedure. To make sure that the software development life cycle runs smoothly, it is necessary to use a reliable and feature-rich software development tool. Whether you are a freelance software developer or work for a software development services company, choosing a suitable development tool is essential. After all, you will want to use the best tools for the seamless and swift accomplishment of the projects. Also, delivering a high-quality and robust, and feature-rich, in the end, would be your utmost priority!

Technology is advancing with every passing day, and now, numerous tools are available for software development. These tools can be code editors, linkers, compilers, debuggers, assemblers, performance analysis tools, etc. But the question is which ones are the best for you or your company. Furthermore, you also have to consider some factors before choosing the most suitable one. These factors include the type of the project, company standards, tool usefulness, tool integration, etc.

Once you have the right tool, you can quickly deliver the best and high-quality product to your customers. And here, we have enlisted six top software development tools to help you choose the right one. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best software development tools that you can use in 2022!

1. GitHub

Source code collaboration tools have been used by nearly 85%1 of developers and software development services companies for software development in 2021. Among these tools, GitHub is the most eminent source code host (as of November 2021) with about 200 million repositories and over 73 million users. The secret of the popularity of this software development tool lies in the efficiency and advanced features it offers.

GitHub is an efficient platform for code review that provides source code management (SCM) and the distributed version control feature of Git. Besides, its features, including task management, code security, collaborative coding, access control, continuous integration, and issue tracker, make it one of the most useful software development tools.

2. Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is a standalone integrated development environment tool used by software development companies for software development. It runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux and, with extensions, can support multiple programming languages. Therefore, it is a top pick for web developers.

Visual Studio is used to develop web applications, websites, mobile apps, and web, cloud-based, and other services. It includes a code editor that supports syntax highlighting and code completion via IntelliSense, a debugger, and a designer. Furthermore, it offers plenty of other features like a customized dashboard, online support, free version, git client support, and project collaboration. Moreover, it also has tools integrated for manual, automated, and performance testing.

3. Atom

Next on the list is the up-to-date, hackable, and user-friendly tool, Atom. It is an open-source and free desktop and source code editor that supports cross-platform editing. The most convenient thing about this tool is its flexibility to customize anything without even touching the configuration file. Furthermore, it is an exceptional development tool with remarkable features that include a built-in package manager, file system browser, and smart autocomplete. It also has a multiple pane feature for code comparison and file editing as well as a convenient find and replace feature.

4. Jira

Jira is one of the prominent issue-tracking tools utilized by agile teams for a streamlined software development procedure. Initially developed for tracking software issues, it has become a powerful tool for task management for any kind of application. With that said, it assists teams in project management, task assignment management, strategic planning, and tracking bugs and issues.

Other remarkable features of Jira include its customizable functionality with widgets, report generation for tracking the progress, and support for external plugins.

5. Linx

Linx is another famous software development tool used by software developers and companies. It is a low code development tool that assists in developing web services and backend applications. Software development services companies widely use it for swift integration and backend automation for their systems and business solutions.

Its user-friendly interface has a convenient drag-and-drop feature to assist the developers in designing complicated problems quite easily. Additionally, it offers over 100 pre-built plugins programming services and functions for easy and fast development. So, with Linx, you can carry out live debugging, automate backend processes, and enjoy a convenient deployment.

6. Embold

Embold is a software analytics platform that analyzes the source code and assists in debugging issues before deployment. Its plugins allow the developers to perceive the susceptibilities as they code. Consequently, you get stable, robust, secure, and high-quality software. With its exclusive anti-pattern detection, it helps prevent the compounding of unmaintainable code. Furthermore, it can smoothly integrate with Git, GitHub, Azure, and Bitbucket.


We know that providing high-quality, robust, and reliable software solutions is the utmost priority of every software development services company. And, the selection of the right software programming tool is the key to the success of any project. Therefore, we have enlisted some top software development tools in this article that you can use for the successful and effective completion of the projects. We hope that this list will help choose the right tool for your projects!


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