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Top 7 PUBG Players in the World 2022

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Having a solid team is important for winning in this game, but there are also individual players who are able to dominate a game. Some of these people are XQF’s Cheng Zehai, Asimaltan Yucel, RRQ Earnny, and Tanmay Singh. These players have shown that they are not only capable of winning, but are also good at leading teams.

  • XQF’s Cheng Zehai

XQF’s Cheng ZeHai has been ranked as the second-best PUBG player in the world. The China native has played for PEL, and recently joined the XQF group. He is considered to be the next big thing in the esports world. However, he can’t play PUBG Mobile Global Version because he’s still studying the game’s new features.

  • Asimaltan Yucel

Asimaltan Yucel is one of Turkey’s best PUBG players. He has more than 800 thousand subscribers on YouTube and is considered one of the top seven PUBG players in the world. Coffin uses his two-finger technique to gain an advantage over other players. He has also participated in competitive gaming with other well-known PUBG players.

  • RRQ Earnny

RRQ Earnny is a highly-recognized PUBG assaulter who is currently a member of RRQ Athena. He is known for his skill in one-on-one close combat, which makes him one of the top PUBG players in the world. Besides playing for major PUBG leagues and tournaments, Earnny also has a huge YouTube following and has over 2 million subscribers.

  • Tanmay Singh

The Indian player, born on 30 July 1996, is regarded as one of the top PUBG players in the world. He is well known for his skill in Entry Fragging, Assaulting, DMR spamming, In-Game-Leader decisions, and more. His youtube channel, Scout, has more than 3.59 million subscribers and 50 crore views. He has played for several teams, including IND, RAW, GODLIKE, and SOUL. The Indian player has also represented his country in the National Team Championships and World Cup, as a CSGO player.

  • ScoutOP

While playing PUBG, ScoutOP has become one of the most well-known names in the game and has been ranked among the best players in the world. However, his rise to the top has been fraught with controversy. The player was not well received by the community after he posted controversial comments on the Mortal map. Players also criticized his performance in the match, claiming that he did not play as a team player. However, it is important to remember that adversity is necessary for growth. It makes you realize your strengths and weaknesses and teaches you valuable lessons about life.

  • BeoWulf

Beowulf is an American who plays the assaulter role on the popular PUBG multiplayer game. He currently plays for the team Ghost Gaming and has an enormous social media following. One of his main sources of income is from the game’s online shop, which he frequently promotes on his social media pages. Beowulf has won multiple tournaments and leagues and has been named one of the best PUBG players in the world.

  • Zuxxy

Zuxxy is a veteran player from Indonesia who joined the Bigetron Red Aliens Esports team on 28th May 2018. This team consists of experienced players who have performed well in different tournaments. Zuxxy is a fan of counter-strike and is considered to be one of the top players in the world. You can watch Zuxxy in solo FPP action in the video below.


So, these were the super amazing PUBG Players in the World of 2022 and they have proved themselves in every single tournament internationally. All of the above also have their Youtube channel where they engage with their fans who love to support them in every single match. You can share this blog with your PUBG Buddies with whom you want to play tournaments.


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