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Leading hospital in health Care System Of Pakistan

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We all are aware of the situation of hospitals in Pakistan. The majority of our population is deprived of basic healthcare needs. There is a serious lack of public hospitals to cater to people’s medical needs. People have to wait for hours for their turn in the hospitals. In some cases, people have to wait for days to get the tests and to get some medicines. In all these years, governments come and go but the situation of hospitals in Pakistan remains the same.

Public hospitals VS private hospitals

The public hospitals are unable to cater to the needs of people. They do not have up to the mark healthcare facilities. On the other hand, private hospitals are well equipped and have good healthcare facilities and services. But they are too expensive for the majority of the population. People cannot afford even one consultation fee from a private doctor.

Private hospitals are only affordable to privileged people so even if a normal person gets a consultation from a doctor, they cannot afford further treatments like tests and surgeries. Financially privileged people do consult private hospitals but we all know that most of our population is based on unprivileged people. Private hospitals do provide quality healthcare services but still, they cannot cater to the needs of the people of this country.


As we discussed the condition of public and private hospitals in Pakistan and how they are unable to cater to the needs of people. There exist hospitals like MASH. MASH is a private hospital located in the heart of South Punjab, Multan. This is a well-equipped hospital with state-of-the-art buildings. MASH understands people’s problems and cares for its patients. MASH offers affordable healthcare services for the people of Multan.

These are some other reasons which put MASH on the list of the best private hospitals in Pakistan:

Professional staff

MASH has highly qualified and professional staff to treat people. They have the most trained doctors for diagnosis and performing surgeries. Dr. Aneela Darbar is their Chief Medical Officer who is a very well renowned neurosurgeon in Pakistan. The doctors and staff at MASH have a patient-centric approach. They work in a manner to make the patient comfortable with them. They also welcome questions and feedback from the patients.

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First ISO approved lab

MASH has the first ISO-approved lab in Multan. MASH has a special focus on infection prevention and control. That is why they have the best lab for the diagnosis and detection of infections and other diseases. The Lab is very well equipped and they also offer in-home tests service to the people of Multan. With MASH people can call the lab technologists and get tested in the comfort of their own homes.

Spring Clinic

Spring clinic is one of the initiatives of MASH that stands among the best hospitals in Pakistan. It is a mental health clinic that has a totally different setup and building apart from the hospital. They have qualified and professional clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists. They treat people of every age and gender in spring clinics. Many children are born with speech issues and disorders. Speech therapists at the spring clinic pay special attention to them after the required number of sessions. Children start speaking fluently without stuttering or stammering.

Many people suffer from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, traumas, and phobias. Clinical psychologists at the spring clinic help people overcome their fears and to deal with depression and anxiety. Their goal is not just to diagnose and treat the issue. But to provide a good future and good quality of life to people.

Cochlear implant surgery

A big number of children in Pakistan are born with hearing issues and disabilities. MASH has a special program for children who suffer from inborn hearing loss. They have started the cochlear implant program with the support of Pakistan “baitul maal”. They offer free-of-cost surgeries to underprivileged children and restore their hearing abilities.

Many children experience speech issues due to hearing loss, this is where speech therapists at the spring clinic help them. They take sessions before and after the surgery to be better at speech. This program is helping many children to live a normal life like other children. All these facilities and services put MASH on the list of best hospitals in Pakistan.   


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