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Top Pharma Industry Trends For 2022 To Know

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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The whole world has been accepting technology with open arms and it has brought a lot of development in different sectors including the health sector. However, the pharma industry has been pretty slow on this front.

Pharmaceutical companies usually take help from contract research organizations in India for the development of new drugs so that their entry into the drug market is simplified. But how much help does the pharma industry actually take from the latest technologies like AI or digital technology?

Well in all honesty, the Pharma industry has been quite slow in embracing the new technology, and it actually took the COVID-19 pandemic to change the scenario in the pharma industry.

With this in mind, here are 9 predictions made by experts for the pharma industry in 2022.

  1. The importance of the digital component will increase

With the growth in technology, it should come as no surprise that in the year 2022 many pharma companies will realize that their products can actually sell better through a digital component.

  1. There can be a complete shift to dynamic clinical trials

The pandemic encouraged the dynamic clinical trials design wherein the patients were able to take part in the clinical trials from their homes through digital media. It has been predicted by experts that such trials can actually become a norm in the pharma industry due to their various benefits.

  1. Evolution of data science in drug industry and development

The adoption of data science in the drug industry and development has changed the face of the pharma industry for the good. With data science technologies, certain stages of the drug development process can actually be accelerated.

This has been revolutionary for the pharmaceutical companies and that is why the use of data science in drug industry and development is predicted to get more evolved in the near future.

  1. Pharma may increase their investments in pharmacogenesis

Various studies have shown that genetic mutations play an important role in many diseases. However, there are very few drugs that have labelled indications and usage including genetic mutations.

This is why to have more mutation specific indications; pharma companies might increase their investments in pharmacogenesis.

  1. Use of digital therapeutics

It has been predicted that the use of digital therapeutics that are used for high need conditions like neurodegenerative diseases will increase in the year 2022. This can be very helpful in clinical monitoring and assessments.

  1. Adoption of radiomics will continue gaining steam in drug development

In order to guide the clinical trials, pharma industries will increase the use of radiomics or advanced imaging analytics. This allows clinicians to make data driven predictions about how a patient’s disease is likely to progress.

  1.  There will be more use of AI from the Pharma Industry

There will be an increased use of artificial intelligence in the pharma industry that will give more profound insights in disease progressions and clinical characteristics which might prove helpful in drug discovery and development.

  1. Precision dosing will become more common

The increase in precision dosing and monitoring of specialty drugs can be helpful in avoiding adverse drug events.

  1. Virtual healthcare will bring more change in the health IT

The increased use of virtual healthcare in health IT will help the patients to get healthcare at home and will be a truly revolutionary change in the industry.

The pandemic and the restrictions imposed because of it encouraged the pharma companies to take an optimized approach in their various ventures including clinical trials. The more agile and open-minded approach from pharma companies in drug development will definitely pave the way for more improvement in the industry in future.

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