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Top causes of a smelly shower

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Smelly showers are caused by clogging substances in the water pipes and leakages. Here are the top causes of smelly showers.

Reasons for a Smelly Shower

  • Leaky Pipes

The most likely cause of a smelly shower is a plugged-up drain. This can occur because of plumbing issues. Loose fittings between pipes and corrosion of pipes cause leakages. For example, hydrogen sulfide, a sewer gas, enters in, making your bathroom smell like sewage.

  • Buildup of Biofilm

Biofilm is a substance mistaken for mold, and it forms up bacterial waste. This bacteria clings on the surfaces of your bathroom pipes, causing a bad smell. Biofilm causes diseases such as respiratory problems urinary tract and infects open wounds.

Did you know that your bathroom may be filled with bacteria if it’s not changed and repaired regularly? Bacteria thrive in the built-in shower and around the appliances in your bathroom. Carpeting, curtains, tiles, and the treatment to these all lack UV protection, which causes bacteria growth through oxidation, is essential.

  • Dirty P-trap

This is a u-shaped section of a pipe that connects to the main pipe. It holds enough water to prevent gases from evaporating through sink drains and showers. If it stops holding water, the gas escapes causing a sewage-like odor.

  • Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are caused by substances such as soap scum, mineral deposits, hair, and other items. These clogs cause unpleasant odors in the bathroom since they don’t allow the water to drain well. Soap scum buildup can release harmful substances as soap breaks down into other chemicals.

It also will often come off through not rinsing in-between drying. For example, your glass dishwashing tablet holder could be making a wet environment for your soap to seep into your toilet areas that are probably non-flushable.

  • Wash Basin Rust

You might not have realized, but your washer basin most likely rusts from not being cleaned, and from deposits from the previous owners, detergents and soaps can work their way in and through the small opening. Rust will cause the water to smell like rotten eggs.

How to Get Rid Of Bad Smell

  • Clean Up the Biofilm in the Shower

Break the film and use a brush to clean it up. Use an antimicrobial chemical to disinfect the surface. Make sure you clean it up regularly to avoid a foul odor in your bathroom.

  • Fix Leaking Pipes

Fixing the pipes may be problematic; first, you have to find the leakage area. This can be done correctly by professionals. First, contact a licensed plumber to come and fix it up. Best air conditioning and plumbing contractor las vegas are the best for quality repair services. They can fix well in a way it will serve you for long.

  • Make Sure Everything in The Bathroom Was Installed Properly

One significant step in removing an odor from your bathroom is regular maintenance of showerhead filters and aerators. Replacing old shower heads with new ones will help avoid a bad smell in the bathroom. You will have to manually wash the filter and do it more often if your showerhead is brand new. Here’s what helps clean your tap water better, why, and how essential maintenance is.

  • Solve Hard Water Pots Issues

Too much white iron or weather hardens any iron in your gas line, like rust filings from the pipes inside your home. This causes deposits that ultimately lead to a foul-smelling water supply coming from the hot-water tank. Therefore, placing a sediment filter low near the hot-water tank prevents hard water solids from clogging your cold trap &, in turn, eliminates odors coming out of the panel itself initially.

  • Cleaning P-Traps Regularly

Use baking soda and white distilled vinegar to clean it up. Pour the substances and cover the drain for the chemical to react and work effectively. This is a simple home remedy process to deodorize the smelly shower.

Smelly showers are problems in most homes. Understanding the causes of the smell helps one prevent it or get rid of it once it occurs. Regular maintenance of our showers, pipes, and water filters can help us avoid the problem. For example, plumbing companies around our homesteads allow repair pipes and showers, ensuring our lives are healthy from diseases.


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